Anna Dugar is accused of manipulating the priest’s widow to write a letter to Josh

Josh Duggar‘S wife Bring Prior to the imprisonment of the humiliated reality TV star on child pornography charges, the widow of a Duggar family priest was accused of “fraud” by writing a letter to a judge.

As we are reporting, Anna and Josh’s mother, Michelle Dugar, Was the only two members of the family to write a letter of support for the Arkansas man before being sentenced to more than 12 years in prison for receiving and possessing child pornography. However, Josh wrote a letter to at least one judge outside his family Timothy L. Brooks Also from Josh: Dennis WilsonWidow of the late priest of the Duggar family.

And now, Wilson’s children are angry at his former public support 19 children and counting Star

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According to The sunIn his letter to the judge, Wilson described the 34-year-old child pornographer as “humble and responsible” and said he had “the heart of a servant”.

Dennis, the widow of the late Dugar family faith leader, added:

“Josh told me that he and Anna would support me and my family every month to keep my money. Tell me how much it will be. I was in mourning. It was a pathetic amount. Josh acted as if it were normal to do so. He told me, ‘We are doing what the Bible says … having a pure religion means going to the fatherless and widows in their grief.’ … I have seen Josh Anna’s loving husband respect and serve her. I have seen her devotion by focusing on the needs of her children and encouraging them to live properly. ”


That letter clearly did not impress Judge Brooks, as he was sentenced to 12 years in prison by Josh shortly after receiving the receipt – but this has already caused much controversy in northwest Arkansas.

Now Dennis’s son-in-law James Weeks Accepted Facebook To deny his mother-in-law’s explicit support to the humiliated Duggar family. In a post on the social media app, Weeks insisted that Dennis’ letter to the judge only came “under Anna Dugar’s manipulation.”

He explained his views on the claim:

“Today, news coverage of Josh Duggar’s sentence revealed that my mother-in-law, under the guise of Anna Dugar, wrote a letter to the judge seeking flexibility in sentencing Josh’s child pornography case. Neither I nor my wife knew she was planning to do this and I think we should clear our position a lot. My wife and I are by no means sympathetic to any pedophile. ”


And he added, explaining that he and his wife, RachelRejected the content of the letter written by his mother:

“Status as a family member, past friendships, past good deeds, or any other factor should not be considered when engaging in such behavior. We deny the letter you wrote. [Denise] And consider the defense of such a person reprehensible.

Rachel herself posted a social media message on the subject, according to The sun. In it, he accuses Josh of “obscene levels of brainwashing” and laments how he has succeeded in so many ways and for so many years:

“[Josh was] He is working to make sure that everyone around him looks like a perfect Christian man. Thanks to that obscene level of brainwashing, he has succeeded with hundreds of people. “

Dennis’ other daughter, LanaAgreeing with her sister’s assessment of the apparent cheating, adding:

“Some duggars and their friends, including my mother, have been deceived into thinking that she is somehow innocent and wrongly accused.”


Talk about a family taking a united front against their mother when she was clearly abusive and dismissed a letter in support of a convicted child porn offender. And is it supposedly because of Anna’s “trickery” ?! Jeez.

Are you buying that, Perezius reader? Sound of …

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