Anna Dugar ‘refuses to divorce’ convicted pedophile Josh Dugar and his family

For better or for worse, Josh Duggar‘S wife Anna Duggar Stay by his side. (And given the 34-year-old’s conviction for child pornography late last year, it looks like it’s too, too bad …)

A new report was released on Wednesday The sunAnd in it, an insider explains the behind-the-scenes events of Anna and her seven children as Josh awaits punishment for his crime later this month.

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Anna spoke to the news outlet about her current state of mind, according to “multiple sources”. Yet, insiders have noted, he has apparently “refused to divorce” the humiliated reality TV star and car salesman, even as he could face significant imprisonment.

A source claimed that his religious beliefs kept the divorce off the table. The insider told the outlet that Anna not only stood by his man, but “firmly believed” in his innocence and was presumably set (below):

“Anna is a woman’s shell at the moment, but she chooses to stay with Josh. They will not be divorced. He will see her when he is allowed, because he still firmly believes that he is innocent and that it was a set up. “

Um… wow. Indeed, there is no word on Josh’s reaction to that conspiracy theory.

For her current living arrangements, insiders have explained that Anna and the couple’s seven children still live on Dugar land in Arkansas. With family ancestors Jim Bob Duger And his wife Michelle Dugar Frustrated with the divorce, the couple apparently wants to keep Anna and the kids around, even if it means having to support her financially when Josh faces the consequences of his actions.

Explained the internal situation:

“Anna is still living in the compound on Duggar land near the original family home and has no plans to move at this time. Jim Bob and Michelle don’t believe in divorce at all. So for that reason they told friends that they would help Anna and the kids financially. They said Anna had no job, never worked and no way to support herself and the children. “

It seems that even Jim Bob’s colleagues are starting to move away from this complicated situation. Insiders explain that there is now a rift in their community over the family’s focus on keeping Anna and Josh together:

“Some of Jim Bob’s friends were terrified that he wouldn’t encourage Anna to divorce Josh, or at least tell him he didn’t have to. It sends a bad message to children. “

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

According to the outlet, it appears that the Anna couple sold the Arkansas “dream home” late last year, just before Josh’s gruesome trial. When they first put it on the market in September 2020, they apparently wanted 799,000, but it wasn’t until a year later – September 29, 2021 – and when it did, it went for just $ 450,000.


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[Image via Washington County Sheriff’s Office/Anna Duggar/Instagram]

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