Anna Dugar’s sister is asking Josh to divorce her!

From the moment Josh Dugar was arrested on child pornography charges, there was widespread speculation that his longtime wife would eventually leave him.

He certainly didn’t.

When Josh was convicted of the crime, there was renewed hope that Anna would file for divorce.

Again, she stood by her man, and instead of throwing away the papers to end her marriage, wrote a letter to the judge for a milder punishment for Anna Josh.

Anna Dugar and terrible husband

Divorce is very much frowned upon in the world of Duggars, but even their fundamentalist doctrine offers exceptions for extreme abuse and criminal conduct.

If Anna appeals to the church elders, she may be given a special arrangement to leave Josh.

This kind of thing is not uncommon – in fact, Anna can find one of her own family.

Duggar, Anna's picture

Anna’s older sister Rebecca Hunt has been married to Josh MacDonald for over 10 years.

In 2015, she filed for divorce, “citing personality disputes or conflicts between petitioners [Rebekah] And respondent [Joshua] Which destroys the legitimate edge of the marital relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reunion. “

Rebecca was given initial custody of her and McDonald’s children, and she later remarried to a man named Kevin Hunt.

Anna and her sister

Although we are convinced that it was not easy for Rebekah to go against her church teachings, and that she faced undoubted resistance, it seems that she was not expelled from her family.

And now, it seems, Rebecca is encouraging Anna to follow in her footsteps and end her incredibly toxic marriage.

The UK tabloid The Sun noted that Rebecca “liked” Amy Dugar’s posts where she encouraged her cousin Amy to leave Josh.

Amy Dugar at C-Through Top

Amy wrote an open letter to Anna and made a video in which she asked the mother of seven to sever her relationship with the man who had brought her so much pain and heartache.

Anna even invited Anna to accompany her, assuring her that there was plenty of room for Anna’s huge child.

“Anna, I feel for you,” Amy wrote in one such post.

Amy Dugar in the village

“No woman wants to be your shoe. You’ve faced an impossible decision and you’re surrounded by the wrong kind of support,” he continued.

“You’ve been taught since childhood that marriage lasts forever and you prayed to God to send you a partner. You made a life and a family with him.”

It’s definitely the kind of messaging that Anna grew up with, and like Amy’s posts, Rebecca can remind her sister that she still has options.

Picture of Anna Keller Dugar

“You didn’t pick any of that, and neither did your kids. I don’t bring some hard love thing behind you. It’s in my heart and I can’t help but express it,” Amy told Anna in a separate post.

“It’s no wonder you’re struggling to figure out what to do to protect your own kids,” Amy said.

“I want you to understand that there is no shame in divorcing Josh.”

Josh and Anna Dugar and Fam

Anna says she did not have the good fortune to contact Anna.

And whenever he addresses her in an Instagram or tic-tac-toe post he tags Anna, Amy says he suspects his message has reached Josh’s wife.

Maybe that’s where Rebecca might be able to help.

Josh Dugar and Anna Dugar

Anna may have severed ties with her rebellious cousin, but she is almost certainly still in contact with her family.

Josh’s sentencing hearing is coming up this week, and the knowledge that her abusive husband will be held captive for years could inspire Anna.

Perhaps Rebecca could take advantage of the opportunity to visit her sister and convince her that a better life is possible.

Anna Dugar and Josh Dugar throwback pictures

Of course, the divorce of Josh will result in the loss of financial support for Anna Dugar.

But it is clear that many others are willing to help him and help him get out of his cult-like environment anyway!

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