Ant Anstead SHADY AF is calling his ex-wife Christina Hack for their treatment

In one fell swoop, Ant Anstead Just clapped back at the troll and called his ex-wife Christina Hack!

Already after slamming Christina on the coast Star for posting about their son, Hudson2 On suspicious purposes on social media (such as financial gain), a hateful ant took on the habit of calling a little man when he uploaded a series of videos featuring the little man Instagram.

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Earlier this week, Unstad posted a photo of a dirty pair of soccer clits, as well as two videos of him playing with Hudson on a sunny day. In the caption, he reflects on his injury and finally returning to the field. Ch-ch- Check it out (below).

Instead of enjoying how sweet the content was, one troll was surprised:

“I thought you didn’t want your son to be exploited on social media.”

A valid point considering all legal dramas! The 43-year-old had no problem explaining his position on social media – and he got a shady AF while hinting at how his ex-wife manages his IG feed! He said:

“Absolutely not me. Being a kid and capturing biological moments in the footsteps of a small child is for everyone! It’s a beautiful diary to keep and look back. But being a ‘used’ doll for business gain and being made for acting makes my stomach sick. The two must be very different xx ”

Jeez !! So, how does he feel about Christina!

The reaction came less than a month after the TV personality was placed in Hudson’s sole custody. At this time he filed an urgent petition in the court and demanded, Dr. Flip or flop alum was a bad mother. Not only did he think it created an unsafe home environment for him (for example, Hudson was burned in the scorching sun while he was cared for), but he disliked the way he used it for “advertising to pay for the sale of goods.” Staying a March 2022. He claimed:

“I am [ask to] Hudson will be given sole legal custody, or alternatively, both Christina (and I) for an order to refrain from using the Hudson or Hudson metaphor or image, any commercial endeavor, social media paid promotion, television or streaming program, or otherwise written by both parents. Hudson could be commodified without consent. “

It seems reasonable to request that they not post about Hudson or at least approve more serious publicity or television gigs, but we must admit, it also seems to be difficult for Christina, in particular, to make this change. Since much of her family life is shared online and on reality television. It’s all kind of part of its brand and business! So, how will he separate and just so-called virtual diary entries? And if Pipilika opposes what she is posting online, she seems to have the most power when it comes to signing any kind of written consent. Just talk.

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After reading the ant court documents, the 38-year-old, who shares Taylor11, and Braden6, with ex-husband Tareq El MusaOn the same day, Orange County filed a response in court, noting:

“I read Mr Unstad’s announcement and was shocked by the false allegations against me. And he believes he has failed to protect our son by sharing custody with me. “

In a statement Our weeklyHe further added that he was “deeply saddened by the situation”, continuing:

“I am a good mother and I love my children from the bottom of my heart.”

The Celebrity IOU: Joyride The host’s request was denied after he failed to provide sufficient evidence. Co-parents are expected to meet with a mediator on June 15 before their next hearing on June 28. So far, it doesn’t seem like the ant has changed its tone at all, so hopefully the mediator will help settle the issues before they become too complicated for the children involved!

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