Ant-Unstad says taking Hudson away from Christina Hack is the “last thing”.

Ant Anstead His position against is clear Christina Hack In their custody battle over a 2 year old boy Hudson!

Sunday, d Wheeler dealer The host posted a picture Instagram With her children Amelie17, and Archie15, whom he shares with the former Lewis Story, A trip to visit them in England. But in the comments section, a concerned fan decided to comment on her father’s ongoing legal issues surrounding her 2-year-old son, writing:

“Don’t take Hudson away from his mother. You will never forgive yourself, ant. “

As Perezius readers know, the ants have applied for Kido’s full custody, so it is not surprising that anyone is concerned that Christina on the coast The star’s connection to her son may be at risk. The funny thing is, the Celebrity IOU: Joyride The host quickly dispelled the rumor!

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In response to the fan, the 43-year-old said:

“Huh? Who told you that? This is the last thing I want! ”

And in an effort to avoid future miscommunications, the father of three reminded fans to be careful about what they read online, adding:

‘(Don’t believe the click bet press) x “

Was it a click bait? Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do? Either way, it’s good that he’s publicly admitting that it won’t.

Ch-ch-check out Ant’s trip with her biggest kids and her clapping (below)!

Anthony says taking Hudson 'away' from Christina Hack is the 'last thing' he wants
(c) Ant Anstead / Instagram

That’s great explanation, but we can see how some fans were confused!

Earlier this month, Renee ZellwegerHer boyfriend filed an urgent petition seeking the sole custody of the youngest son, claiming that Christina was a bad mother who neglected, alleging that Hudson was allowed to burn in the scorching sun in her care. But there were also extreme problems with it Flip or flop Alum’s use of social media, claiming that she rarely sees their son but makes sure to use him for promotional posts whenever possible.

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Last week, he went so far as to slam her online that he used the tote as a “doll,” Hudson wrote in response to another fan’s reaction to his ex-wife’s social media content:

“Being a kid and capturing biological moments in the footsteps of a small child is for everyone! A beautiful diary to keep it and look back. But being a ‘used’ doll for business gain and being made for acting makes my stomach sick. The two must be very different xx ”

The emergency order was rejected due to lack of evidence, but the former is expected to sit down with a mediator in mid-June before a hearing later next month. It is hoped that the legal discussions will not be too heated and that parents will come to a mutually agreed decision on Hudson’s care. With all this front and back, shady AF fighting is not good for anyone! But at least it’s comforting to know that the ant doesn’t want to be completely free of Christina’s presence in her son’s life – she just wants more control, we guess. Worried? Sound off (below)!

[Image via Ant Anstead/Christina Haack/Instagram]

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