Ariel Winter explains why she disappeared from Los Angeles after the modern family

Ariel Winter After living in the big city for many years, she left her home in Los Angeles, and finally reveals why she decided to move!

With new chat Modern family On-screen mom Julie Bowen In his podcast Abandoned (Co-host Chad Sanders), The actress has expressed the most hatred about Angels City. The 24-year-old, who grew up in the public eye while performing ABC Sitcom, explained:

“One of the reasons I’ve always hated LA is because I’ve been following the paparazzi for a long time. And I really, really dislike invading my space. “

That will definitely get frustrating fast!

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Not only was his personal space always “invaded”, but he also disliked his lack of control over his life and what others knew about it, he continued:

“I don’t like my pictures when I don’t sign up for my pictures. I don’t like perceived feelings. I’ve always wanted to live a very, very normal life, just to have a normal existence. “

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: how can she complain about not having a “normal life” when she signs up to be a TV star ?! This is certainly a privileged issue, but you have to admit that no matter how successful someone is, they do not have to constantly be afraid to “see” their dreams come true!

This desire to lead a normal life was the main reason for moving in winter Sophia is the first The star “didn’t really like it [she] Because of the paparazzi and the constant public recognition it could do in LA, he added:

“Everywhere I went, someone was taking pictures of me.”

As a result, her normal life expectancy always seems impossible, especially since her every move is often dissected online, she explains in detail:

“Everything I do is normal, it will not be normal. It’s about feeling really uncomfortable doing normal things. “

Interestingly, it took him a long time to hate Sokal Locale before he finally decided to pack his bags. The Screen Actors Guild Award Winner recalls:

“People always like, ‘You don’t like LA, why don’t you just move’ … and then I looked at it randomly and decided why not. We sold our car, got an escalator to fit all the dogs for the drive, put my house on the market and sold my house. “

That’s great!

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Although he did not reveal where he would call now, it seems that this was his best decision! Ariel reflected:

“It feels like a different thing here. I’m going to get some live young adults [life] I can’t live. “

Great! Listen to her chat about moving to a clip from the podcast (below).

Think, fan reader? Are you surprised that Ariel hates Los Angeles so much? Let us know in the comments below)!

[Image via Ariel Winter/Instagram]

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