Ariella Weinberg Blinded by parents: Do I have to pay rent and bills ?!

Last weekend 90 day engagementAriella and Benjamin leave Ethiopia after a final confrontation with her sisters, Mimi and Wish.

The plan is to live in New Jersey, in an apartment very close to where Arie’s family lives.

The excitement of their arrival subsides somewhat when her parents bomb her and Benny.

They set up the apartment, but Ari had to cover the rent and bills very quickly … in an apartment he hadn’t chosen.

Janice Weinberg and Ariella Weinberg at 9x05 Sneak Peak

In this sneak peek clip before Season 9, Episode 5, a very tired Ariella Weinberg and Binayam Shibre are still recovering from their long flight.

They are in the apartment with Ariella’s parents, Janice and Dr. Fred Weinberg, a short distance from the family home.

Janice explained that a deposit had been made to the apartment, already connected with cable and WiFi, and the first month’s rent had already been covered.

Janice Weinberg and Fred Weinberg talked about money

Janice blinds Ari, however, when she says that Ariella and Benny need to talk about when they can start picking tabs – in the next few months.

“You have to make a plan for your own sustainability, you have to manage the life you want to lead,” Fred reasoned.

He emphasized: “We definitely want to help.”

Fred Weinberg greets Benjam Shibre

On the one hand, this is a completely reasonable issue in itself – Ariella’s parents are generous, but want Ari and Benny to be reasonably independent.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Ariella admits that she would have chosen a cheaper apartment if it had depended on her, and that she seems to have been billed for something she did not order.

Ariella Weinberg and Benyam Shibre for Season 9

“It’s a big pressure on us right now,” Ari said.

He explained: “Two bedrooms, expensive apartments, expensive space and expensive cable and everything available.”

“And then,” Ariella continues, “telling us, ‘Oh, anyway, you have to pay for it all so get a job very quickly.'”

Biniyam Shibre Dips Ariela Weinberg

“I mean, we have no idea what the future holds,” Ariella admits.

He confirmed to the camera that he must be grateful for his parents and appreciate the help.

But he knows that Binayam has not been able to work for many months (until he gets his work visa) and he is not sure what job he will get, it is not very realistic.

Ariella Weinberg and Benjamin Schber show their backs

“Benny and I only have a few thousand dollars to live in the United States,” Ariella revealed.

“The immigration process is expensive and you know, we’ve relocated countries,” he noted.

Ari added: “This is the first day and we already have to face this financial pressure.”

Ariella Weinberg proceeded to kiss Binayam Shibra

“Benny and I expected that when we moved to America, everything would be different and new and exciting,” Ariella admits.

“And it will be an opportunity to work on our relationship,” he says, “spend time as a family and start over.”

“But, I think none of us really know in the long run how we’re going to provide for the family,” Ariella admits. “And is it really scary, like, if it doesn’t work?”

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