Astroworld fan abortion victim after unjustly suing Travis Scott

Travis Scott Later being hit with a new lawsuit Astroworld Festival Tragedy – a particularly annoying.

Concert Shanazia WilliamsonThe man who attended the event in November is now claiming that he was trampled during the crowd and suffered significant injuries to his shoulders, back, chest, legs, abdomen and other parts of his body – and those injuries have now tragically turned into an abortion.

According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ On Thursday, Williamson is suing Scott Live Nation, Scoremore HoldingsAnd ASM Global Not just for his loss but for his unjust death! He claimed in the filing that the defendants’ “failure to plan, design, manage, operate, staff and supervise was a direct and approximate cause. [her] Injury and his death and [her partner] JarodIts unborn child. “

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Shanazia first filed a lawsuit on November 21 for her injuries. At the time, he described his experience of “breathing problems, chest pain and pain in his left leg, as well as injuries to other parts of his body” after the controversial ceremony.

She then corrected the complaint a month and a half after the abortion. Texas state law, where the concert took place, states that a fetus that dies as a result of negligence could be the basis for an unjust death lawsuit. Surprisingly, how far the mother is during her pregnancy is not considered. Even if the fetus is not effective, parents can still sue. At this point, it is not clear how far Shanazia was along.

Internally, in his revised claim, fans added that he suffered a stomach injury, which was not listed in his first case. None of the defendants, including Travis, commented on the latest filing.

This is one of the many cases that the rapper is now facing for the devastating incident. Perezcious readers will be reminded that 10 people have died in Astroworld. During Scott’s performance, the crowd rushed to the stage, causing many to lose consciousness or be trampled underfoot. Fans have blasted the musician for not stopping the show, and others have come to complain about the serious lack of security protocols. A new report by Rolling stones More than 4,900 deaths and injuries were claimed after the festival.

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In December, Travis filed multiple lawsuits against him, claiming that he and his company had denied the allegations in the “normal” lawsuit. As Kylie JennerHaving personally navigated these legal issues of the father’s child, he started a new charity Project healing The goal was to “take the necessary steps to support real solutions that make all events a possible safe haven” in the aftermath of the genocide. It was quickly condemned as a “PR stunt” by those who sued the artist.

So, it remains a hot topic – for good reason, many lives have been lost – and we think Travis will be dealing with these cases for the next few years. We are thinking of the victims of this tragedy as well as the families of Shanazia and Zarao and sending our love to them. Think, fan reader? Let us know in the comments below).

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