Audrey Rolf has been posting these really weird and dumb parenting tips

Audrey Rolf undoubtedly loves her kids.

Let’s start with that premise and hope every reader agrees.

The former Little People, Big World star, though, often visits her popular social media pages and is seen advising on parenting which is at best ineffective – and unspeakable because she only cares about making money for her kids at their worst.

Need some examples?

Audrey Rolf and third child

We will be happy to provide them.

The mother of three recently posted a message on her Instagram story promoting the use of essential oils, writing at the time:

“If you’re currently a mother introducing your baby to solids … you need this oil. Just a few rolls on her belly button.”

As many critics quickly pointed out, Audrey is not a doctor. She is not married to a doctor. And seeking good luck Any Who will tell the doctor AnyThe thing about using essential oils is when it comes to solid foods and babies.

Audrey Rolf oil

“I can’t deal with these people,” wrote a Reddit user after reading the post above.

“They always say to put it on their belly button or under their feet .. so that it will be absorbed in their body through skin? Because why do you want it ???”

A second person asked: Do people really fall for this dumb st? “

And a third one raises a reasonable question as follows: “Or just give your baby some pruning?”

Audrey Rolf in sweat

Of course, Audrey Rolf is not paying for the pruning campaign.

She IsHowever, this oil is being paid for.

Heck, in September 2020, Audrey even used Oregon’s horrific wildfire tragedy to talk about the product and link to it on her Instagram page.

In the wake of this natural disaster, Audrey uploaded a picture to her Instagram story to promote more than oil, writing in the process:

“If your house smells like the smoke of this fire, you will have 6 oils in your hand.”

Jeremy and Audrey Rolf in Hawaii

He was humiliated then, as he is now being humiliated.

In March, meanwhile, a lot of people jumped on Rolf’s third child, Radley, to dress him up and try to wrap him in a certain blanket – all from the same brand.

Which, yes, paid Audrey to shill for her items on social media.

“Another top 5 item @snuggle_me_organic,” wrote the mother of three, captioning the photo, tagging the company in question and adding: “And of course the comfortable baby carrier.”

Hanging with Radley

Does Audrey allow it? Of course.

Is she harming her children? No.

But is she pretending to keep the best interests of her followers in mind when she talks about various products online that she is accused of using as a mother when in reality, she is only acting as a spokesperson for one or the other brand?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

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