Audrey Rolf mourns the loss of the farm: it’s a dream come true

It’s no secret that Audrey and Jeremy Rolfe think Matt screwed them.

The Small people, big world Hostility seems to have always been inevitable, since there is no way to please everyone with something as big as a farm.

But Audrey said it was more than a feeling of inevitable trauma.

Calling it a “dream death”, Aouz makes it clear that, for years, the couple thought there would be at least one chance to buy their farm.

Jeremy and Audrey Rolf in 2020

Matt Rolfe’s version of events did not go well with his family.

Jackie first called him very publicly.

Audrey spoke to fans in a recent Instagram Q&A with Rolf Farms, about the now-dead dream of buying for themselves, in whole or in part.

Audrey Farm

“We’re trying to get back to May 2020,” he told his fans and followers on Instagram.

“We’ve shared what we’ve been comfortable sharing about this in a podcast episode,” Audrey added, of course, by plugging her and Jeremy’s project.

He continued: “Jar and I had hoped to take over his parents’ farm (or part of it) since he was younger.”

Audrey and Jeremy Rolf, Date Night

“It simply came to our notice then.

“He made it very known to his family,” he insisted.

“And,” Audrey continued, referring to it “publicly on TV.”

Audrey holds Rolf Radley

“When we get married, it becomes a mutual dream,” Auz said.

“And,” he recalled, “we started working on it.”

Audrey shared very meticulously that it was “no secret” that the controversial couple hoped to one day close the family farm.

Jeremy and Audrey Rolf in Hawaii

Audrey said their plans were “very public”, which was fair enough.

It was clear on the show, and it was clear on social media (and in their book as well) after they left reality television in 2018.

This means that Matt had plenty of opportunities to tell his children (and in-laws) that this could not happen … but it didn’t.

Audrey and Jeremy Rolf in a car

“When we were finally at a stage where it was practically possible, we made an offer,” Audrey revealed.

“But,” she continued, “she and her husband Jeremy realized that this was not meant to be.”

Audrey shared that he and Jere planned to “save” the farm together.

Jeremy Rolf and his wife, Audrey

“We realized that Jer’s family was not really consistent with the progress we were making, as we thought they were,” Audrey wrote.

This is a very awkward sentence, but it sometimes happens when you pronounce things diplomatically.

“I say ‘save it,'” Auz explained, “because every year the farm threatens to sell if … XYZ.”

Audrey and Jeremy Rolf dance

“As you may have noticed with Jer’s family,” Auz wrote, “things can get a little complicated.”

So, too, is emotion.

He admits that it was “incredibly difficult” for him and Jeremy to leave the farm and buy it.

Some Roloffs in Hawaii

After all, Jeremy had more connection to their land than to his childhood.

Audrey reminded her fans and followers that the couple “fell in love there, got married there, helped run the business there.”

These are not easily forgotten milestones.

Audrey Rolf has become serious

“We really thought we’d raise our kids there,” Audrey wrote.

“Like I said, it was the death of a dream,” he characterizes.

Aouz even identifies the property as a “third parent” to Jeremy, not just a “part of the property.”

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