Audrey Rolf: Roasted for the “disgusting” reaction to the Texas genocide

Perhaps one day Audrey Rolf will learn the following lesson:

Sometimes it’s okay to be quiet.

Especially when it comes to an issue that one does not fully understand and / or an issue on which there is not really a well-formed opinion.

This seems relevant in light of Rolfe’s response to this week’s massacre in Texas, as two days ago an armed man shot and killed 21 18-year-olds in the town of Uvalde … 19 of whom were elementary school students.

Audrey Rolf in sweat

About 24 hours after the horrific incident, Audrey shared a meme which reads as follows:

“Even in the shadow of tragedy, let us not lose hope. Let us see the rapid movement of compassion rushing to fill these new wounded spaces.”

This quote is taken from the book, A Liturgy for Grieving in National Tragedy; And it didn’t sit very well with observers, many of whom were sick of the Tritt references and messages that did absolutely nothing to address the root cause of such incidents.

That being said, they don’t say a word about the proliferation of automatic weapons in America.

Audrey shooting message

Rolf was also called upon to try to deflect this unspeakable attack in any positive way.

“How dare anyone do such an act of kindness to fill this ‘void’? Even classifying this level of damage as ‘void’ is disrespectful and disgusting,” wrote one Reddit user in clear anger.

Another added:

“I hate toxic positive culture. How does he try to find positivity in it?”

Jeremy Rolf and his wife, Audrey

Audrey is often reprimanded for coming out of contact with the average person or problem.

He received some feedback, for example, following a recent post about a vacation in Hawaii.

More notably, Audrey was criticized by her own brother-in-law after she took part in a social media blackout in the summer of 2020 in a show of respect for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Audrey wrote shortly after George Floyd was killed by a police officer in Minnesota, “Silent. Listening. Learning. Praying. Looking for ways to practice active compassion.”

Audrey Rolf and the Kids, Out and About

Jacob, on the other hand, called on people across the country, among other changes, to push for police reform at the time, to protest, and to take real action against constitutional racism.

So why did he then condemn “white people with rich cameras and well-to-do families” who came down harshly on those who offered only “empty gestures and fancy platitudes” in the face of tragedy.

He did not name Audrey by name.

But let’s go now.

Jeremy and Audrey Rolf in Hawaii

It is Is Without praising celebrities like Kim Kardashian, it is difficult to understand what happened at Rob Elementary School, as well as similar genocides in other parts of the country.

He did not post any vague and ultimately meaningless messages on Instagram in response this week.

Instead, he pushed for legislation that would prevent similar shootings.

Kim Kardashian, all business

Kim wrote on Facebook, “We are parents, we are mothers, we are begging and begging for action.”

“Imagine a whole class of kids watching their friends die in front of them.

“Trauma will last a lifetime for everyone involved. I can’t express my heartfelt condolences to the children of the parents who did not come home from school yesterday.

“I urge our leaders to come together and put politics first and give priority to children.”

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