Babe star James Cromwell grabs her hand at a Starbucks counter in protest.

That’s great! For alum James Cromwell Took only one for the team during the protest!

The actor was spotted in Midtown Manhattan Starbucks On Tuesday, Coffee Chain protested the extra charge for using plant-based milk in beverages – in other words, in favor of animal products. To clear his speech, he glued his hand to the counter !!

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Recorded by in a 34 minute video PETA (Proponents of humane treatment of animals) On FacebookThe venerable 82-year-old actor was seen wearing a T-shirt with the words “Free the animal” announced to a crowd of workers:

“When will you stop making huge profits at the expense of consumers, animals and the environment?”

Starbucks stores across the US currently charge between 50 cents and dollars to make a drink with a non-dairy option. In a statement after the incident, a spokesman said Auxiliary printing press:

“Customers can customize any drink on the menu, including non-dairy milk, including soymilk, coconut milk, almond milk and oatmeal, at extra cost (other beverage customizations such as an extra espresso shot or syrup). Prices vary from market to market. ”

While they did not condemn James’ decision to protest at the store, they certainly did not like it because the person mentioned that they believe customers have a right to share their views “unless it disrupts our store’s operations.” “And, well, La Confidential The star was Clearly Since he and a fellow defendant were literally sitting in front of the cash register!

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Take a look at the scene for yourself Here! You can see some moments from the protest (below)!

If you are not aware, then Inheritance The star has a long history of protesting – and has even been arrested while protesting animal tests University of Texas A&M Back in 2019 – at the age of 79!

The protest was peaceful and no arrests were made, according to police. Heck, someone even tried to drag James! (Sorry, phrase …) The actor finally scraped his own hand off the counter using a knife. Ouch! While it’s hard to know if Starbucks will make any changes to the menu, we’d say he’s got some attention! Feedback ?!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & PETA/Facebook]

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