Baby and tear star Kylie Pose has left her mother the most thoughtful gift

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

It’s been a few weeks Baby and tiaras Star Kylie Posey Sadly, he committed suicide at the age of 16. Now, her mother is having her last moments and how she is coping with significant losses – including what it was like to receive the gift her daughter ordered for her a few weeks before her untimely death.

I’m talking And! News On tuesday Mercy Posey Gatorman (Left inset) shared that his daughter, who was named Runner Up Miss Washington Teen USA Pageant In February and recently formed his high school football cheerleading team, in early May “hastily decided to end his earthly life”. According to a friend, even seeing a therapist, he was “struggling” with his mental health.

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Despite being aware of Kylie’s challenge, Mercy never saw it coming, she said in detail:

“Until those days and weeks, it felt good to me. I didn’t go with her phone. For prom, she went with a bunch of friends. And the next day, everything was fine.”

Sadly, on May 1, Kylie asked her mother to pick up deodorant from the store, claiming that she needed it for school the next day. After her mother leaves the house to get it, Kailiao gets into a family car. The last time anyone saw him was before he died. His mother continued:

“She kept a note for me and then one for her best friend. The note said she loved me and she was sorry and her older brother was her best friend forever.”

Now, the heartbroken mother has made an appeal for other adolescents struggling with mental health issues, requesting:

“It’s the worst thing a mom can go through. Check the phones of parents who have teens. And if you’re struggling, talk to your parents. They’re not judging you. They need you.” Help is needed, but we need to know what you need in order [to] Get the help you need. Don’t put it inside. “

Such important advice. No one should be ashamed to talk about their struggles or get help.

Interestingly, Mercy has one thing in store for her to go through this difficult time – literally. He revealed that two weeks after the dancer’s death, a package came in the mail. It had a special blanket that the teenager found Tick ‚Äč‚ÄčtockAnd it was addressed to his mother, who shared that he had read:

“Dear Mom, even if I’m not around, I want you to know I love and appreciate you. Always. Wrap yourself in it and consider it a big hug. I love you.”

Oops … we can’t imagine what it was like to open this amazing package. What a heartfelt gift to receive after such a tragic and tragic time – but we know it was hard to process it so soon after Kylie left.

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As Mercy continues to cherish the last gift from her little girl, she and her family are grateful for the support she has received. Perezcious readers know, became famous after appearing on Posey TLC Series Baby and tiaras In 2012. A picture of her laughing during an interview has become a viral online meme over the years (right inset). However, Mercy is not sure if the defendant ever realized how much he loved her, saying:

“I don’t think he knew how many people loved him. If I could go back. “

Those who want to support this family in times of need can raise a fund set up by Kylie’s friends Kylie’s world. All of the money raised through clothing purchases will directly help others get the mental health care they need, Mercy shares:

“Everyone who buys a sweatshirt goes to the fund so that we can find counselors and help students in need. He had everything for her. “

Sending so much love to this family as they continue to mourn this immense loss! Giving others access to mental health care is very important and an amazing way to carry on the star’s legacy.

[Image via TLC/YouTube & Kailia Posey/Instagram]

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