Bethany Frankel calls Amber Hard “the craziest woman on the planet”

Bethany Frankel Some feathers are ruffling with take on her Amber Hard Vs. Johnny Depp Defamation suit!

The The real housewife in New York City Allam has been focusing on legal drama since his podcast Only b Really mind-blowing suit with a harsh response about both sides.

Since we’re sure you’re following, Axis is fighting a defamation lawsuit in Fairfax, Virginia, over various abuse allegations, including undisclosed discussions in bed, examples of alleged physical abuse, and so much more. It turns out that the Reality Star is paying close attention – and in particular its problem with one thing: the way it is Pirates of the Caribbean It is not easy to hide behind the eyes of the people!

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Posted in a clip from his podcast Tick ​​tock On Thursday, the 51-year-old shouted:

“Johnny Depp looks like a hero only in his relationship with Amber Hard. Johnny Depp is about to be anointed king Gandhi And the Pope because he was in a relationship with the craziest woman on the planet. “

Oh, Dang !!

He continued:

“So, he is like a saint now. I’m like sure Queen Elizabeth Calling him, ‘Come here. I want to give you the title of Knight because you are beautiful to compare ** King [to her] Because you are now the protagonist of this crazy villain’s story. ‘ It doesn’t make sense. “


His heated reception with Depp did not end there either. Instead of praising him for being a “hero,” he took a moment to describe the way he felt troubled, continuing:

“Anyone except Johnny Depp Plus Amber Hard is crazy […] Cocaine, the man who endured in bed, but here he feels, ‘and then a hero came.’ Because Amber is hard with whom she is being compared. To be honest. “

To put all this off, he added a ridiculous example of how crazy the public perception of the actor is, according to him, teasing:

“Put me next to Shrek. I’m going to be the first one – I’ll be co-hosting.” With gala With next year Anna Winter. That’s crazy. “

LOLz !! He really is not backward!

He further explained his frustration, noting in his caption:

“Amber Hard is far away. She thinks Johnny Depp is normal.”

Ch-ch-check out his full runt (below).


Amber Hard is very unpleasant, she thinks Johnny Depp is normal … Go to #justbwithbethenny on HiHeartRadio #deppvheard #johnnydepp to hear the full #rant

♬ Original word – Bethany Frankel

Huh! She’s crazy!

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Fans were very divided in the comments section. One man cited a 57-year-old man as a “hero” by many, clapping his back:

“I think he’s being called a ‘hero’ because he’s opening the door for men to be abused.”

Bethany simply agrees, saying, “It’s fair.”

Tim Johnny had more to say, though, as others wrote:

“You’re missing the point. He’s not being an angel. False accusations are ruining his career. “

“I respectfully disagree with you.”

“Well, she’s calm now. She’s fine … I think that should be appreciated.”

“Leave Johnny alone

“I agree it was a toxic relationship but I think he was 100% aggressive.”

“You don’t understand that. We forgave him his ghost. He is still a national asset to us.”

But Frankel was not entirely condemned by the haters – he had many supporters who agreed with him. They shouted:

“I’ve been screaming all these weeks! I like that Bethany always tells the truth. “

“It’s true. He’s not clearly and recognizably walking in the park. He looks like a saint.”

“He sent words that I would not say to my worst enemies.”

“Okay because I died when you broke a song! Always keep it up ভালোবাস I love you. “

“Thanks! No one is saying that !!!!”

As we have said, many different opinions! But what do you think, Perezcious reader? Do you agree with Bethany’s reading of the situation?

Is Johnny being mistakenly labeled a “hero” because of who he is connected to? Let us know in the comments below)!

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