Bilal Hajiz tells Shaida Suin that he is getting her out of his car

From the beginning of this season 90 day engagementBilal Hajiz raised the red flag for the treatment of Shaida Suin.

Playing weird mind games, testing him, criticizing him and putting him on edge – these are manipulation techniques used by toxic partners.

In this hideout before the Sunday episode, Bilal tells Shaida that he is throwing her on the side of the highway.

The strangest thing is that, in this example, he may be on the right.

Bilal vs Shaida Car Preview 01 of 09

This is a preview of armchair activist Season 9, episode 6 90 day engagement It starts with Shaida and Bilal in the car.

Deeply nervous to meet Shaida Bilal’s ex-wife.

After the tests she has already given him, it is not surprising that he is on the verge. It is definitely intentional.

Bilal vs Shaida Car Preview 02 of 09

Instead of consoling Shaida, Bilal at first pretends not to understand her concerns.

Then, she decides to troll him in a truly tasteless, juvenile manner.

Using crude words to describe the mucus in his nose, Bilal claims, “You might want to get that booger out of your nose.”

Bilal vs Shaida Car Preview 03 of 09

Shaida is clearly meant by Bilal’s “joke” when he is lying and denies it.

“Yes, you do,” he insisted. “It’s green and brown-ish.”

Bilal even claimed to have nose hair. Yak

Bilal vs Shaida Car Preview 04 of 09

Shaida tells him, “I’m getting sick and you’re making fun of my boogie.”

“It’s an American thing. It’s not a Trinidad thing,” he continued. “It’s not my kind of humor.”

For the record, it’s not an American thing either – although not in adults with a sense of taste.

Bilal vs Shaida Car Preview 05 of 09

This is where things take a very different turn, however.

Shaida started taking revenge by physically touching Bilal while driving.

“It’s disrespectful where I come from,” Bilal tells her calmly.

Bilal vs Shaida Car Preview 06 of 09

“So keep your hands to yourself and watch your tune,” Bilal claims.

(It’s not clear where the “tone” part came from, but the hand thing is very reasonable – never touch the driver.)

“Because I can literally pull right now,” he warns her, “and you’ll take an Uber for the rest of the journey home.”

Bilal vs Shaida Car Preview 06 of 09

Shaida is shocked to hear Bilal’s objection, which is … strange.

First, even jokingly, you should not touch anyone without their consent, especially if you jump at them.

Second, and really more important in terms of personal safety, you absolutely do not touch the driver. It’s not cultural, it’s common sense.

Bilal vs Shaida Car Preview 08 of 09

After Shaida tapped him on the back of the head in response to his objection, Bilal dragged him to the side of the road.

“You have to be crazy to stop on the side of the road like this,” he declares.

Seemingly confused, Shaida asks: “Did I tap you a little?”

Bilal vs Shaida Car Preview 09 of 09

The thing is, so far, Shaida has been doing everything right – except she hasn’t left Bilal yet.

Even in this hideout, he admits that Bilal was very critical, even when he was in Trinidad, and now he has not come here and given up.

But this behavior was undesirable, and it is mysterious. He is not the villain of the relationship, but at the moment, he is acting

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