Billy Ilish breaks up with boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vores following the cheating

It appears that Billy Ilish Single again

The 20-year-old singer apparently broke up with her boyfriend Matthew Tyler Versus At some point in the recent past – and we know this because the 30-year-old actor has now confirmed the breakup!

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On Tuesday afternoon, Vors took her to him Instagram story To post a series of pictures commenting on her (current-ex) relationship with him Bad guy The funny thing about the singer is that the first picture was noticed more by the fans Grammy– The winning lyricist, and with it, Versace called for some online criticism, apparently from them.

A typed message is written on the poster of the movie MenVorce Eilish is regularly dropped from her IG account by fans and others online who apparently post abusive comments and suspicious complaints.

Actor shared:

“The fact that thousands of people take the time out of their day to write the most horrible things about someone they never know is the most cowardly thing you can possibly do. Live your own life. “

Here is the post:

Separation from Billy Ilish boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vors following rumors of cheating!
Apparently not very happy with Stan! / (C) Matthew Tyler Versus / Instagram


From there, Vores took notice of the constant social media rumors about his alleged cheating on Hilsa which led to their recent breakup.

Deny any betrayal on him Or As part of Billy, the actor argued:

“No one cheated on anyone. The relationship ended. It’s as simple as that. It’s dangerous to spread rumors and lie on the Internet.”

For good measurement we have to throw all those cap words there (below), we assume:

Separation from Billy Ilish boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vors following rumors of cheating!
As simple as that, he claims! / (C) Matthew Tyler Versus / Instagram

Uh huh.

The actor re-shared a news story about the reported breakup and posted a slide, where he criticized the post for claiming Billy was “too good” after the split. And “in other news,” as he writes, followed by a fourth slide. NFLOf New Orleans Saints Soccer team. Just trying to change the subject or something ?? Ooooooo!

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FWIW, the Happy Than Ever The singer has not yet commented publicly on the breakup, and her representatives have not returned a request for comment on the breakup. Page six.

However, And! News Also on Tuesday, a source close to Matthew confirmed that Billy had “recently ended his relationship” with the actor. So the split seems to be valid – and the words of that report suggest that Billy was apparently the driving force behind the Knicks thing.

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[Image via Billie Eilish/Matthew Tyler Vorce/Instagram]

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