Billy Ilish was actually ‘incredibly upset’ by the most common reaction

Billy Ilish Tourette’s syndrome is breaking down what it was like for him.

Time for a new episode David LettermanThe series No need to introduce my next guest, The singer opened up about his diagnosis. We don’t know if he ever planned to discuss his ticks, but after an experience during the interview, Grammy The award winner explained that she would be “happy” to talk about her nervous breakdown, share:

“I am just happy to talk about it. If you film me for a long time, you’ll see a lot of ticks. “

This came as a surprise to Letterman, who had a lot of questions for the pop star when he tried to find out about her condition.

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Billy was first diagnosed with the condition at age 11. Tourette’s syndrome usually begins in childhood and is described as a disorder of the nervous system that produces repetitive physical movements or unwanted sounds, AKA tics. The Happy Than Ever The singer explains that he has experienced a number of different physical techniques that have simply become a part of him, saying:

“I never tick, because the main ticks that I keep doing, all day long, are, I move my ears back and forth and raise my eyebrows and click on my jaw. And my arm is bent here and it flexes. [stomach] Muscle. These are things you will never notice if you just talk to me, they are very tiring for me. “

Giz. That’s not a tiring word!

Unfortunately, the toll is not just physical. He has been ridiculed all his life for this uncontrolled movement – some of it not even intentional:

“The most common way people react is when they laugh because they think I’m trying to make fun … and I’m always incredibly annoyed by it.”

A. It’s bad. He went on to say that he did not always “get” the syndrome, in detail:

“I really like to answer questions about it because it’s very, very interesting, and I’m incredibly confused by it. I don’t understand it.”

Not to mention educating everyone about the rare – and more importantly, misunderstood – disorder is a great way to stop laughing.

Internally, his ticks go down while he’s doing what he’s doing – performing! He explains that when he concentrates on something and walks around (like singing a song or even riding a horse), he doesn’t feel much ticks by adding:

“When I walk around, I don’t last long at all.”

That’s great!

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Although the 20-year-old has been open about it His Experiencing the syndrome, he has heard from a few other artists who have not been so public about it, he says:

“The funny thing is, a lot of people have it that you never know. A couple of artists came forward and said, ‘I’ve always had a tour, and I won’t leave them because they don’t want to talk about it, but it was really interesting to me.’

Calm down! We’re definitely connecting with other artists who understand that part of her life is so helpful! We like that he opened up about his experience in the hope of removing some of the stigma surrounding the disorder! Feedback, fan reader? Let us know in the comments below)!

[Image via Billie Eilish/Instagram.]

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