Birthday-loving Kardashians have completely ignored the 45th anniversary of Kanye West

Kim KardashianFamous families love nothing more than celebrating each other’s birthdays, anniversaries, and various other holidays across social media! But that charitable posting apparently doesn’t extend the exes – as Connie West Found this week!

The Hurricane The rapper turned 45 on Wednesday, and when his (maybe?) Girlfriend Chaney Jones The big day was for celebration InstagramIt didn’t feel right to focus on Kim’s famous father SKIMS Mughal four children!

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We just swept a Wednesday evening of IG and KarJenner socials across TwitterAnd from Kim to all her sisters And momager Chris Jenner, There is nothing to wish you on behalf of the family on his milestone 45th birthday! Ouch!

Their socials are buzzing with promo posts from FAM’s reality TV show, KardashiansWhich is set to drop a brand new episode 7 Hulu In a few hours. And of course there are regular promotional rentals – SKIMS, SKKN by Kim, Kylie Cosmetics, And more branding staff than all of them. But nothing for the ears!

Of course, hours ago, we reported how Jesus is walking “Amazingly angry” rapper on Kim for moving so fast with boyfriend Pete Davidson – Especially when it comes to introduction Cute look The former couple has four children.

So maybe the thing not to celebrate was intentional on Kim’s part. You know, keep cutting public bonds, and all. Sounds remarkable, of course, TBH!

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[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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