Bob Segate’s wife Kelly Rizzo has expressed a desire to have ‘one more day’ with the deceased

Kelly Rijo She has been trying her best to celebrate her first birthday since the tragic death of her beloved husband Bob Sejet.

The actress officially celebrated her 43rd birthday on Thursday Instagram To post your own and some throwback video clips The whole house The stars from their happy living together. In addition, he shared a heartfelt tribute to the late actor, who died at the age of 65 in early January this year.

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Writing frankly in her IG post, the actress opened up by reflecting her age and sharing a startling truth about having “one more day” with her beloved partner.

Kelly writes:

“43. My birthday wish is to spend one more day with Bob. But since I can’t do it, I’ll settle for memory. All these videos shot by Bob on my last birthday. He gave me the best birthday I’ve ever dreamed of and It reminded me of the most special girl in the world. “

And he goes on to make the images relevant to what fans see and add even more gratitude to his manhood:

“(The middle video is on a beach in Mexico when he got a nice guitar player to serenade me with my favorite songs while we were having an incredible dinner.) Bob, I just want to thank you. And thank you all for so much love and support. Today I will try to celebrate. “

Very sad.

Full post here (below):

Really very sensitive, and very emotional.

For her birthday, Rizo also celebrated Social Day with a friend Amanda ClutsWith The whole house alums Laurie Laughlin, Candace Cameron BureAnd John Stamos. In an IG Stories Snap from Outing, Rizo wrote that he was “very grateful” and added

“A special birthday with such wonderful people.”

Love to see that special connection!

Earlier this week, Rizo paid tribute to Bob for his 66th birthday, writing in a separate Instagram post (below):

“Happy birthday my love. These photos and videos were taken in Mexico just over a year ago. We always celebrated our birthdays with trips together. (Her 17th and my 19th) This last trip was so special. We both celebrated each other so much. You never know that something is going to end, but I am so grateful that he gave me all the love he deserves. I pray he can see the love he is getting from all over the world today. Honey, everyone loves you so much. Everyone wants You know how important and special you are to your special day, and we all celebrate you. “

Also, he shared a snap of Bob from last year’s trip, as you can see (below):

Apparently, it was an emotional roller coaster of a week for the grieving wife.

Send us all love!

[Image via Kelly Rizzo/Instagram]

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