Boob sweating from the sale of 90-day fianc Star Jared Fart … but now she

The 90 day engagement The star who made a name for himself by selling his farts in jars last year – only to experience major health complications due to his unusual business venture – has a new cash cow in his hand! And a huge new problem, too!

Stephanie Matto His last, ummm, has shifted from career, and is apparently earning $ 300 to $ 500 per jar and bottling stuff, earning up to $ 5,000 per week! Holy s ** t !!

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Now there is only one unsettling problem: a black bear!

As you can see, Matto is sunbathing in his place by the side of the pond, sweating for a jar, and his yard is running towards the jungle of tall trees. One day last week, a black bear stopped his business when he suddenly appeared on the property. Reality TV Alum was justifiably concerned for her own safety, of course – and she also has a pet puppy, so it would not be wise to go out suddenly for hours with a bear nearby!

Matto explains a little about the problem with him Instagram Account earlier this week, Boob Sweet Biz (below):

He shared a video of him doing this with the bear TMZIn it, you can see the black bear crouching in the grass in front of a tree across a pebble walkway, not too far from where Matto was filming. (You can watch the clip for yourself here.)

Well, out of nature, Stephanie told the outlet that she was now thinking of investing in a sanatorium. Truly, those who venture into pillar sweating with profit margins, that could be a wise move!

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[Image via Stephanie Matto/Instagram]

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