Brad Johnson Covid of Melrose Place dies of complications – eight left behind

Brad johnsonBest known for his work Melrose PlaceTragically died at the age of 62.

His representative confirmed the news The Hollywood Reporter On Thursday, he said he died of COVID-19 complications on February 18 in Fort Worth, Texas. His family said in a statement:

“Even though she was taken away very early, she lived her life to the fullest and taught her children to do the same. Brad greatly enjoyed the improvement and expansion of the land, in a way that preserves and respects its natural beauty. He always felt the most outside the house and his passion for land made it clear. As much as he loved cowboying, hunting and land, Brad loved nothing but his family.

His love for his family was evident throughout his life. He is survived by his wife, Lorry; The two had been married for a truly horrible 35 years, more than half of her life. It just makes damage that much harder. The couple shared eight children: Shane, Bellamy, Rachel, Eliana, Eden, Rebecca, AnnabethAnd William. So sad

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They recall the former soap opera star as “a truly Renaissance man” in a memoir dedicated to him, saying:

“Not only was he interested in life’s offerings, but he was also talented. Although he was taken away very early, he lived to the fullest. From the life of that professional rodeo circuit, to the big screen career, to bear and caribou hunting in Alaska, to the end of his time selling ranch real estate in Rolling Hills, North Texas, Brad really took over all the different paths of life. His wife and children will always cherish the memory he gave them. He was bigger than life. Brad was loved and loved by many, a true friend, a faithful colleague and a devoted husband and father, he will never be forgotten and his legacy will continue. “

In case you didn’t know, Brad first started working on a professional rodeo circuit in 1984, where he caught the eye of a casting director who was looking for cowboys to appear in a beer ad at the time. Soon, this led him to become a Marlboro Man for a while in a cigarette company ad. She also appeared as a model Calvin Klein Advertising

Brad scores his first big part Steven SpielbergIts a 1989 romantic fantasy movie Always. His other acting credits included Intruder flight, Dallas, Philadelphia Exam II, Rough rider, And many more. But in the play. He will probably be most remembered for Dominic O’Malley’s repetitive role Melrose Place. One of the classic TV hunks of the 90’s.

Taken too soon …

Our hearts go out to many of his loved ones as they mourn his loss.

[Image via Melrose Place/Hulu]

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