Brad Pitt demands Angelina Jolie’s preparation for ‘jury trial’ in exciting legal battle

Brad Pitt I want his day in court!

Just in case you didn’t fill out the Celebrity Courtroom drama this year – e.g. Johnny Depp Vs. Amber HardOr Kim KardashianFace against its famous family Black China – Pete is apparently trying to unite everyone in his efforts to seek legal recourse against his ex-wife. Angelina Jolie!

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We’re reporting an ongoing legal battle with the 58-year-old star Maleficent The actress above his beloved Chateau Miraval, A 1,000-acre vineyard in the south of France. Earlier this week, d Seven The actor’s legal team sold his stake in the winery to a Russian businessman, sued Jolie for alleged retaliatory business practices and filed documents in a new court. Yuri Scheffler.

The US Treasury Department claims that Scheffler is an “oligarch of the Russian Federation” who owns the vodka brand. Stolichnaya And there were suspicious business transactions supposedly bound Vladimir PutinIts political rule. In the deal with Jolie, Schaefler allegedly used one of her competitors, Property of the worldA shadowy “hateful third-party contender interested in taking control of Miraval,” according to court documents.

Now, every New York Post, Pete wants to spend his day in court – and in front of a jury of his peers – after selling Jolie’s allegedly shady part! The outlet reported this information on Tuesday night Big and small The star’s newly filed court documents include a very clear claim for “trial by jury” Intact Director

Filed in Los Angeles court, Pete’s new claim comes through his business entity, Mondo soAnd Jolie’s limited personal liability focuses on pursuing the company legally, New. The newly-amended lawsuit, originally filed and reported late last week, alleges that the 47-year-old actress “wanted to force Pitt to partner with a stranger and, worse, unfamiliar with toxic intercourse and intent.” In the so-called backroom deal with Scheffler.

Pete’s problem is the context in which he apparently “was willing to buy Jolie in whole or in part, on reasonable terms.” The ex-couple’s initial agreement on the winery gave Brad the right to the first refusal to buy Jolie’s shares if he ever put them up for sale. Pete’s legal team claims he did not give Sheffler that opportunity before he sold his shares, and now they want a jury to decide on possible penalties for the alleged trespass.

Angelina Jolie sad Brad Pitt breakup
The two have come a long way from where they lived together … / (c) WENN

The Post The next hearing in the case is set for July 19. So whether the jury is over or not, we will have to wait and see.

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As Pete considers filing the lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court, Depp and Hard say, as the world has seen, the potential media scene here is almost non-existent. California court rules Rule 1.150 requires judges in the Golden State to “use discretion when allowing cameras and other recording devices in their courtrooms.”

El le in particular, per RTDNA, Los Angeles Superior Court local rule 2.17 “prohibits anyone from taking pictures, recording, broadcasting inside the courtroom… unless such activity is permitted by order or express permission.” The ban requires media outlets to file “appropriate forms” more than five days before the trial – and even then, the president’s judge has the final say on whether he or she wants to allow filming. So this part of media glasses probably won’t be so easy!

Broadcast drama aside, what do you think of Pete apparently preparing for another legal battle with his ex-wife, Perezius readers? The two have been fighting a legal battle for years now. Should we ever expect something different right now?

Sound of …

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