Brianna Digesas ridicules Kylen Lori for her mental illness; Fans call for MTV to Fire

When Kylen Lori sued Brianna Djessas, she knew she was taking a huge risk.

And when Lori’s case is dismissed, many of her worst fears come true in the heartbeat.

With the amount of bad blood between the two, it’s no surprise that Brie is excited about his victory.

But as the days turned into weeks and celebrations continued, even some of Brianna’s fans began to feel uneasy about how much she was enjoying the fall of her rival.

Hook / Brie

At one point, Digesas throws an “anti-Kyle” party that was filmed by an MTV camera crew.

He scolded Lori on social media and engaged in petty pranks, such as sending her a clown dress in the mail.

Now, Brie has taken the mockery one step further, and many fans are urging him Adolescent mother 2 Enter the bosses and stop the madness.

Brie throws shade

Last week Adolescent mother 2 On the Reunion show, Lori reveals that she has entered therapy.

Kyle said the decision was the result of trauma suffered after a domestic violence attack where his former partner Chris Lopez almost killed him.

The incident is believed to be one of the primary reasons behind Lori’s decision to resign Adolescent mother 2 More than a decade after being involved with the show.

Kyle Tales Her Side

In a highly ill-advised move, Brie seized Kyle’s moment of weakness and publicly ridiculed him for seeking treatment.

According to the UK tabloid, Digesus wrote in a deleted tweet, “Once you realize that antidepressants have been taken, you can’t always cover people’s faces using the courtroom / your skin color.” The sun.

“The high light of my life = a loving family that you don’t have so I will always be victorious.”

Brianna on the phone

Needless to say, it was the ultimate low hit, and it didn’t take long for fans to call for MTV to stop Brianna’s employment with the network.

“Please fire Brianna !!!” One fan commented.

“@mtv @teenmom Are you guys okay with this disgusting behavior? I thought this franchise wasn’t promoting positives, not bullying. That’s what I saw last season. Disgusting,” added another.

Brianna Djessas in 2021

“@mtv @teenmom You’re all good Fire Bryana! Is that what you’ve got on all platforms? A former cast partner joking about mental health and depression?” A third chimed.

Others did not call for Kyle’s dismissal, but asked Brick to withdraw his comments.

“It’s really cruel,” one person commented.

Kailyn Lowry Podcast Image

“I usually brim the team on this whole thing, but God wants me to stop hitting Kyle for being abandoned by his parents,” wrote another.

“‘ There’s a loving family that you don’t have ’Brie just won her over and went three levels deeper. That’s not fair, “said a third, adding:

“I hate both of them but come to Brie.

Brianna in Teen Mom The Second

“Brianna always takes things to that point … there’s no need to go,” noted another person.

“Kylin is a terrible person but ‘haha your parents and kids don’t love you’ … a little too much.”

Brie appears to have been set up via a tweet where Kyle mentioned that he would soon pay Djesas আদাল 100,000 as court-ordered compensation for his legal costs.

Kyle's last time on MTV?

“Enjoy today, this is the highest point of your life that you will get,” Lori tweeted along with several funny emojis.

“Pay-day (100k). Tomorrow will be a good day,” DeJesus tweeted with a screenshot of Kail’s post.

It is unlikely that Brie will be fired for his comments, but in the future, we hope he will think twice before commenting, which will surely upset a large part of his fan base.

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