Brianna Digesas: Stop asking if I like Chris Lopez!

Brianna Digesas has finally put a certain rumor in bed.

What it does, of course, has to do with it Went A certain rival co-star is in bed with the father of a certain multiple time baby.

Following a glimpse of the Teen Mom 2 Reunion special aired on May 24, Djesas reacted angrily to the assumption that he had slept with Chris Lopez, the father of Kylen Lori’s two youngest sons.

Lori has been claiming this for months.

Of Brianna and Chris

“That story is very old,” Brianna said on the reunion stage.

“Having a relationship with someone’s ex-husband doesn’t mean I have to do it every time.

“I think it’s annoying. I think it’s a game. I think [Kailyn] I need to come up with a better way to try to pull it down because it’s not going to reach me. “

Djesas is there referring to Kylin’s ex-husband Xavi Maroquin who is Brianna DidIn fact, the date after the ex-couple’s divorce.

k less, Brianna and Lopez

Brianna didn’t answer the question in the quote above, did she?

That’s why Reunion co-host Dr. Drew Pinsky pressured the MTV personality to answer yes or no: Has he gone all the way with Lopez?!?

“Yeah or not? What if I fuck Chris? No. But why does it matter?” Brianna replied.

“Why are you caring? Is this your business? I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s anyone’s business. It’s not Kail’s business, either. Chris doesn’t own it.

“So even if I want to make Chris F, who cares?”

Brianna on the phone

Teenage mother 2 caring for the audience? And it’s our business because you’ve starred in a reality show about your life, Brianna?

This is absolutely great if you like to keep your personal life private.

But you can’t do that And Collect a paycheck to attend a show that basically describes who leads it.

DeJesus and Lopez, of course, have some kind of relationship.

Brianna Djessas in 2021

In a recent Teen Mom 2 episode, Chris Bryana appeared on the podcast, provoking a furious response from Lori, who refused to appear in installments and then said he was giving up the franchise.

At the reunion, meanwhile, Djesas was also asked about the intelligent teen mother viewers who noticed that she was wearing Chris’ goosebumps t-shirt in a scene this season.

What was it?!?

Brianna Dieses with a kiss

“First of all, I have a lot of graphic tees,” Djesas explained on stage.

“Number two, I have a lot of goosebumps shirts. I and he literally have the same shirt.

“She and I can sit here together and wear the same shirt.

“That’s right.”

Pictures of Brianna and Kylen Lori

Finally … Djesas has been arguing with Laurie for months.

The latter filed a defamation suit against the former, which was dismissed this spring and led to some serious ridicule from Brianna.

Can colleagues ever make up?

“I don’t have a problem with anyone,” Brianna said at the reunion. He does not affect my daily life. She can kiss my ass. “

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