Britannon: Britney Spears harassed by conspiracy theorists months later

For months, Britney Spears has been embarrassed for her Instagram post, in contrast to praise for virtually identical content from other stars.

There’s more to it than just the motherly embarrassing Britney’s topless beach pictures.

Some of Brittany’s so-called “fans” seem determined to separate each of her posts.

Now, a conspiracy theorist is flooding his comments with wild claims that someone else is controlling his account, that he is not “really” free.

Britney Spears in a green bikini in Mexico

On Tuesday evening, Britney Spears shared some fun throwbacks to vacationing in Mexico that she and Sam Asgari took earlier this year.

The photo shows her wearing a gorgeous green bikini.

In fact, followers have seen other glimpses of this same trip in recent months.

Britney Spears in a mint bikini

Apparently, many of the followers responded, you know, to the general public, appreciating Brittany’s look and the happy look in the pictures.

But, even for social media, many of the comments were absolutely bizarre.

Apparently, posting a series of throwback photos is equivalent to … what, some kind of elaborate cover-up?

Britney Spears baby bump in a white tied blouse

“Always the old thing,” lamented one commenter, using an eyebrow emoticon. “I love him, but I stopped believing he’s been in control of his Instagram since March.”

The commenter continued: “I don’t think he’s 100% free.”

“But,” the uninterrupted comment continued, “it’s very unpopular to address this issue.” Yes, because it is inconsistent with reality.

Britney Spears naked on Instagram

“It’s the place where you want to see him holding today’s newspaper or some llama,” shouted another.

“100% outdated content,” wrote the second commenter.

That comment continued: “The person running his IG is just scrolling down and picking pictures for re-posting.”

Britney Spears is a flirtatious red dress model

“People wake up. Brittany is not free,” claims another nut.

“They always post the same thing,” the person wrote, “because they have no more content about it.”

Without any sign of ridicule, the man wrote: “Unfortunately he is still a prisoner and surrounded by conspirators.”

Britney Spears in April 2022

“Britney is not free and the latest post confirms everything !!! #freebritney,” one fan shouted in the comments.

Another asked: “Can we get new pictures and videos? Keep showing the same.”

Yet another commenter scoffed: “As if we haven’t seen it before.”

Brittany is on vacation

“This account is bothering me,” another commenter complained.

“Would anyone please understand who is driving this rubbish, because we haven’t seen Brittany live,” they continued.

“And,” the commenter went on to say, “every picture looks like a hostage to him (unless it’s reused).”

Brittany in Polynesia

“Where’s Britney? This account is so bizarre, confusing, and suspiciously like writing under the auspices,” one insisted.

Another asked Britney: “Isn’t this from a video you posted last week … girl … are you alright?: /”

This kind of nonsense is exactly why some people were initially concerned about the #FreeBritney Movement in 2019.

Britney Spears shares her baby bump in a purple blouse

Remember those who wrote “Wear yellow in your next post if you’re in trouble” at the bottom of Britney’s post, as if yellow isn’t her favorite color?

It’s basically the same thing.

What we’re seeing are people who are annoyed with Brittany living her life on her own terms, because the conservatism was interesting and exciting to follow them.

Britney without a top

Following the posts of a 40-year-old mom, her pets and her holidays don’t seem important to you or you don’t feel like part of anything.

Some people just accept it, but not everyone can be normal in comments under a big celebrity.

Instead, some weird guys tell themselves that there are some secret, second-hand postings for Brittany. Sadly he could see some of it.

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