Britney Spears’ lawyer claims she can prove that Jamie Spears was “corrupt”

The drama is not over Britney Spears And his father Jamie Spears!

Just because the conservatism finally came to an end last year doesn’t mean the couple has no more legal issues. In fact, the pop star’s lawyer has filed new legal documents urging the controversial parents to try to avoid a sitting promise to testify about his behavior in the case!

According to the received filing TMZ On wednesday Matthew Rosengart He scolded his father for not holding his word yet. Jamie said he would only continue the legal process in Kentwood, Louisiana, where Brit was born and raised. Now, Matthew confirms that he has no qualms about where the chat takes place – he will fly to the South or anywhere in the United States unless he wants to speak to her under oath! According to the lawyer, more than five months after Dad started actively avoiding testimony, Matthew is obviously interested in chatting in books!

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This is not surprising Jamie Lynn Spears‘Dad is trying to evade the law. After all, Britain’s legal team is ready to pay for all the alleged corruption committed while in power !! Just as the singer has been determined to take control of her own life ever since.

Speaking of his attorney, he has already detailed some of the issues that he is ready to discuss! In the document, the lawyer goes so far as to claim that he could prove that Pappa Spears was “running a corrupt and controversial conservatism that has taken away some of her daughter’s basic freedoms.” And as Toxic The vocalist has detailed in the past that he was really limited to doing almost everything – from drinking coffee to not being able to spend his money on what he wanted (such as cutting his hair or cutting his nails), leaving him to live a little life instead. Allowance digs his fortunes around those around him. On top of that, Matthew claims that Jamie paid himself 6.3 million while saving. He allegedly paid millions of dollars to others involved. Not exactly.

Just as bad, Rosengart also complains that the 69-year-old is still teasing his daughter! He wrote:

“[He] Among other things, Britney Spears has been harassed and intimidated, has failed to cooperate in her discovery… and is in fact watching her daughter’s testimony, even hiding from answering the necessary questions about the statement. “

Oops! We hate that she’s still so awesome to Britney!

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The funny thing is, when Jamie avoids her own statement, it means her daughter didn’t sit down for one. He Request! In January, his lawyer, Alex Wingarten, Sent an email to Matthew asking the actor to sit down to testify – although they agreed that his place would be right after the parental talks. Read through it TMZ:

“We write to advise that we would like your client to resign and to discuss a mutually agreed date for conducting the statement.”

Here it goes:

“Of course, we will also discuss with you the determination of Mr. Spears’ statement and work with you to find a mutually agreed date for moving forward.”

Alex even suggested that meetings be scheduled with Britney in March with Jamie as “the next day or the same week”, and yet, he still avoids it! What the heck !? Here’s hoping that Jamie will sit down for a statement as soon as possible so that Britney can finally move on with her life! Feedback, fan reader ??

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