Britney Spears reveals to fans that she is using music as an ‘escape’

After her tragic abortion, Britney Spears He is a little more open about what he is going through.

Tuesday, d Toxic The singer posted a new clip to her Instagram Account, so that he can be seen dancing on his own BeyoncIts song Hello.

Along with the dance video, Sam AsgariHer partner explains a little more about how she was “going through something” in the days following the tragic news of losing her pregnancy.

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In the caption to the IG post, Britney writes candidly (below):

“I’m definitely going through something in my life right now… and music just helps me gain insights and insights.”

And he added:

“I shot it 2 months ago but when I look back, every song I’ve danced gave me a different feeling… a different mood একটি a different story to tell… and I’m grateful for that escape… this song is quite spiritual and I really Enjoy this dance. “

To wrap up the post, he added that “I know I’m dramatic and feel myself,” and then asked his fans “but is it believable,” as you can see (below):

It’s us!

Of course, since she and Sam are going to recover emotionally and emotionally from their recent devastating news about the loss of the pregnancy, we can only hope that things will continue to go well. Let Britt dance and move as much as he feels he can!

Sending all our love and support !!

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram]

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