Britney Spears Says Thoughts and Prayers After Elementary School ‘Not Enough’

Britney Spears Texas is sending her thoughts and prayers to school shooting victims – but she acknowledges that her sympathy alone is “not enough.”

At a mass shooting, as we report Rob Primary School At least 19 students and two teachers have been killed so far this week. Countless celebrities and politicians have since taken to social media to call for intelligent gun control legislation – and Brittany is now adding her voice to the choir.

Wednesday, d Grammy The winner shared a statement Instagram Expressing my deepest condolences to the victims and their loved ones. But like many others, the superstar noted that action needed to be taken.

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The mother of two wrote:

“My heart is broken. Lost for words. My prayers are with the victims of Rob Elementary and their families. Our sympathy and sympathy is not enough. Action must be taken. We need change. Lots. Even if the damage is not enough to heal, our prayers will continue to come. Love, Britney “

Hopefully this tragedy will be a call for America to wake up. Read Brit’s full post (below):

[Image via ABC/MEGA/WENN]

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