Britney Spears’ wedding guests include Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez and many more! Ditz

It is Britney Spears‘Wedding, bitch – and you better believe it’s going to be a star-studded event!

As we report, Grammy The winner is tied up Sam Asgari In front of about 60 friends on Thursday. Now, more details about the show are coming out, and it looks like Brit has made quite a guest list!

Sources close to the couple said People Including that celebrity Madonna, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez, Kate HudsonAnd Gwyneth Paltrow Intimate events are expected to attend.

Many of these big names are not surprised, as their friendship with Brit is well known. Join forces with Mag, for example Toxic Singer for them I am against music Duet in 2003, and they’ve been supporting each other ever since.

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Brittany and Paris have been great friends since their days as early starlet youngsters. Just before the abolition of Brittany’s patronage in November 2021, Paris wrote an article about the musician. TimeText:

“When I think of Britney Spears, I see the sweetest soul. A mother. A friend. A warrior. A young woman who grew up in the tabloid culture of the 2000s, when the paparazzi machine was adopted, unforgiving and cruel.”

Brittany and Selena didn’t have much public friendship, but the pair repeatedly praised each other in interviews and on social media. In 2011, Sally released a song co-written by Brit with the title Whiplash On him When the sun went down Album

Britannio quotes Selina’s song Kill him with generosity On Instagram In a 2020 post, which earned a sweet comment from ৷ The Magician of Waverly Place alum, who wrote:

“You have always been beautiful and a huge inspiration to me. You are a rare beauty !!!”

Hudson, meanwhile, chatted with Brits on a game night in late 2020. The song’s actress shared a picture deleted from the night earlier this year, and Almost famous The actress responded by telling the 40-year-old that she had “changed her life [her] Laughter. “

For Guinness, we’re not sure if he’s been with Spears for years. However Gup The founder has said before … Baby One Time and Time The hitmaker inspired his character in the 2010s The country is strong. Gwyneth also commented on “#FreeBritney” in an IG post after the release of Spears last year. New York Times‘Documentary Britney Spears framing.

So who didn’t cut? Jamie Lynn Spears, Jamie SpearsAnd Lynn Spears Not to be outdone Superstar’s wedding – but Brittany’s older brother, Brian, Is. His teenage sons, Shawn And JadenAlso absent, according to reports.

Surprisingly enough, a man from Brittany’s past tried his best to do it at the event but was stopped by security. The singer’s ex-husband, Jason Alexander, Livestreamed himself trying to crash the show – only to be restrained by police who responded to an intruder call at the pop icon’s residence. Learn more about that unfortunate event here.

Sounds like Brit’s wedding would really be a thing to remember!

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