Busy Britney! Rumors of new Vegas shows and TV appearances are circulating for Spear!

Britney Spears Allegedly taking big steps! And we’re here to see her shine !!

The Pop Princess is apparently in talks to make a possible headline for a new residence in Las Vegas soon! This is, of course, about six months after the end of his tenure. And for that there will be a return to Sin City Toxic The singer, who previously ran a residency in the city from 2013 to 2017 when she was under legal supervision.

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According to The sun, Resort World Has been “steadily appeased” Sam AsgariIts partner “The Last Month” hopes that Spears will move to a new residence with the owner of a high-end hotel in the desert town. In fact, they even trekked Brittany to Vegas this weekend and roamed the red carpet, giving her the keys to the $ 15,000-a-night suite at the hotel while trying to get her interested in performing there for a while!

The outlet clearly disclosed the underlying information from a source close to the discussion, who explained:

“The buzz around Las Vegas is that they [Resorts World] I really want Britney for a new home. They’re making him wine and dining along the way and showing him how much business they mean. “

That’s great!

The hotel even put up a huge “Resorts World Loves Britney” billboard next to their hotel and proudly exploded it over the strip for her (and everyone) to see. Not exactly subtle! LOLz!

And there are mutual interests – at some level, at least. As an internal note, the high-powered agents of Brit, Sam and Spears all popped up in Sin City with the duty to see what was happening:

“This was Brittany’s second trip to Resorts World this weekend with her boyfriend Sam and especially her agent.”

(The first trip, BTW, came back in March when the 40-year-old pop superstar celebrated his fiance’s 28th birthday at the hotel.)

Now, with Celine Dion Slightly behind his own residence to deal with health problems, the resort “needs a superstar headliner” seat butt! Nothing has been signed yet, but insiders have added that things are moving fast towards a possible resolution:

“No official offer has been made, but negotiations have already begun. Brittany could return to the stage in Vegas early next year.

That would be great!

Judging by Spears’ own Instagram This snaps from last weekend, it seems Baby One More Time Icon had a wonderful experience with his wonderful men at the Vegas Venue:

Love it!

Of course, as we have shared before, in the last abode of Spears Planet Hollywood From 2013 to 2017 he was under patronage. After lifting the legally binding supervision, he revealed that his time in Vegas was too restrictive, writing this shocking explanation to IG a few months ago:

“I was thinking about when I did the show in Vegas. In those four years I was there and only went out twice !!!! Unfortunately, I’m not lying. “

Suffice it to say that things would be very different at this point if he ended a deal with Resorts World!

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Louisiana in particular could be moving to a new TV venture as a native, too!

On Wednesday, Eagle-eyed fans noticed a move to a meeting with Spears Weekend And Wave Director Sam Levinson! Pop Princess posted – and then deleted – some things about it on her IG account, but fans screenscaped and shared:

Worldwide, Spears’ followers have reshared a video of their meeting with the singer Can’t feel my face Kruner and popular director this week, as well as:

And his own IG account, before deleting the content of Spears Did Mention HBOIts popular show, especially in a post about going through past therapy sessions:

“It simply came to our notice then. Here I am meeting the director of @euphoria today and @theweeknd… Pss I really want to dig deeper which brings me peace and this scene of euphoria always does so !!! “

That’s great!

Soooo are we going to see Britney Grace on set for some scenes ?! And / or maybe a collaboration with The Weekend ??? So much is happening !!

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[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram]

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