Butch Baltiers jailed in Michigan for working under the influence

Butch Baltiers are once again in trouble with the law.

Big time.

Butch, the father of MTV star Tyler Baltierer, was jailed in Michigan on Friday after being arrested on charges of OUI (Operating Under the Influence).

Baltiera was originally arrested in March 2020 for the crime – charged with excessive drinking before reversing his third wheel – and was later convicted in March.

Butch buckets are mugs

Butch, who lives in Texas, has an unfortunate history of substance abuse.

According to his famous son, Butch recently fell out of the wagon and lost contact with Tyler and Tyler’s wife, Caitlin.

In March 2020, however, Caitlin opened up about her in-laws’ problems.

“We are not really talking [Butch] That’s all, “he told In Touch, about two years after Butch checked into rehabilitation and apparently turned his life around.

Butch Baltiers 2

“Honestly, we don’t really know how he’s doing,” Caitlin added just two years ago.

On her Instagram live last month, meanwhile, Tyler said Butch had found himself a sugar mama.

This may sound interesting to some readers.

But Tyler pointed out all the problems associated with this anonymous woman.

Butch Baltiers 1

“He’s got this kid who’s got a lot of money, so he’s got this endless empowerment,” Tyler told followers, adding sadly:

“They are in a toxic state … they are not in good condition … I have reached a stage where I have accepted him. He is an addict. He is part of relapse.”

So very, very sorry.

In the latest case, Butch is expected to remain in custody until at least June 25.

Butch buckets are mug shots

After being convicted in March, Butch was sentenced No. Having a deadly weapon … keeping his car idle for a year … refraining from “aggressive or threatening behavior” … and participating in both mental health treatment and an inpatient / residential substance abuse treatment program.

Once released from prison?

He will be prohibited from buying, using or possessing alcohol or entering any organization that serves it.

He will be put to the test and he will have to submit to the alcohol and drug test and perform 360 hours of community service.

Butch Baltiers

Neither Tyler nor Caitlin commented on Butch’s latest legal run-in.

We’ve been here before with the guy, but it’s never too late.

Let us all hope and pray that Butch Baltiers find a way to turn his life around for the better.

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