Camille Vasquez calls Amber Hard the real abuser in the closing argument – see

Johnny Depp And Amber HardIts lawyers went to the celebrities’ hard in the final argument of the highly-publicized defamation trial because the jury is about to start discussing the case!

Depp’s lawyer on Friday Camilla Vasquez He called Amber again, accusing her of being “abusive” in the situation:

“There’s an abuser in this courtroom, but it’s not Mr. Depp. There is a victim of abuse in this court but it is not Miss Hard. Miss Hard is the abuser and Mr Depp is the victim. “

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Interestingly, he acknowledged the unique timing of the concluding argument, sharing:

“On May 27, 2016, Miss Hard went to a court in Los Angeles, California to seek a restraining order against Mr. Depp, and in doing so lied to the world that she had lost her life because she was a victim of domestic violence against Mr. Depp.

Today, on May 27, 2022, exactly six years later, we asked you to give Mr. Depp his life back by letting the world know that Mr. Depp is not the abuser Miss Hard he is and will hold Miss Hard responsible for her lies.

Pointing to Amber’s alleged lies, the lawyer went on to address “a false report of domestic violence” that Amber filed six years ago, saying:

“Six years ago today, Miss Hard filed a false report of domestic violence against her 15-month-old husband Johnny Depp. It was a set up, she tipped the paparazzi so they would wait. They knew where she would stop.” [and show off her bruise]”

These photos helped tell her alleged story:

“The photos captured what they wanted to see him – a picture of a wounded woman. Six days after seeing Mr. Depp, he had black spots on his face. It was a lie, he knew it, Mr. Depp knew it and multiple witnesses who saw him that week He knew it. The world only saw what he wanted them to see. “

Its cover is shown to the court People Magazine Since then he has added:

“Two years later when the biggest role of her career was publicized – until this trial – Miss Hard presented herself as a public figure representing domestic violence.”

He reminded the audience that Hard was present With late show James Corden 2015 days later he claims that Depp headbutted him, losing two of his black eyes, a broken nose and a section of hair. By showing the photos of her appearing on the talk show the day after the alleged incident, they tried to prove that she made it.

He hinted at similar thoughts when experts diagnosed the actress with Borderline Personality Disorder. Camille even called him a “deeply troubled person” who was “desperate for attention and approval.” Camille reminded the judges that, according to her, Hard’s allegations were “wild and unimaginable at the top and you can’t choose which of them to believe and ignore. You believe it all, or none of it”.

“Either she’s a real victim of horrific abuse or a woman who wants to say something outright.

All of these performances were in this idea, he exploded:

“We told you it would be a performance, a lifelong role as a hero surviving brutal torture.”

“Miss Hard is all gone. She’s told a story of traumatic, irresistible, brutal torture. She came to this court ready to give her life performance and she gave it. Miss Hard’s acting coach says it’s hard to cry when Miss Hard is acting. You see it, Crying without tears while circulating a wide, gorgeous account of abuse. It was a performance. He told you what you think you need to hear to convict this man as a domestic bully and a rapist. He wants you to believe that he is in their relationship. He has been tortured countless times throughout the course. The evidence does not support that. “

Yes! Now this is a compelling argument. And while she worked hard not to downplay the real stories of women victims of domestic violence, she emphasized:

“[Abuse is a reality for] A lot more women but the overwhelming evidence and weight of that evidence shows that this is not her story, this is not Miss Hard’s story. “

Accused of forging these stories, Ram Diary Alam continues to be condemned for “deep acts of cruelty, not just to Mr. Depp, but to the real survivors of domestic violence,” continued:

“It was a lie, it was defamatory and it did irreparable damage.”

So, whose story is this special case? Well, he believes it Caribbean pirates Talking about his clients, he shared:

“What’s at stake is the good name of this man. What’s at stake is the life of a man he lost when he was convicted of a heinous crime and finally lived the life he could if he was convicted.”

Later in her concluding argument, Camille directly claimed that Amber’s real purpose was to “ruin” Johnny! He further added that Hard had “lied over and over” throughout the case – including lying about all his $ 7 million divorce settlement. ACLU And Children’s Hospital Of La.

“When you catch Miss Hard lying, she covers up more lies.”

And “the giant lie at the center of this case” is the fact that “Miss Hard claims she is an abusive monster and she is a public figure who represents domestic violence.” We said, he really came to his hard! Listen to his full speech (below)!

How, then, did Hered’s team defend him against all such arguments? Johnny couldn’t get off easily, that’s for sure!

Amber’s lawyer Ben Rottenburn A similar position was taken, calling Mr. Depp guilty here, whether he was “abusive” one or more times:

“It’s easy, if you believe that Depp once insulted Amber … then your job is very easy. Not only can you deny Mr. Depp’s claim, but you can guarantee Amber’s counter-claim. ”

He added:

“They’re trying to trick you into believing that Amber has to be perfect to win. In fact, if he fails to prove that he didn’t abuse Amber once, he will win.”

I’m talking about it Aquaman 2 Leadership, he continued:

“This whole case is about blaming Amber Hard for what she didn’t do.”

“But Mr. Depp does that, he always does that. Blame other people, refuse to take responsibility. But the problem for him here is that he has been running for the US Constitution for a long time. “

The 36-year-old’s discussion The Washington Post Op-ed, he asked rhetorically about being a victim of domestic violence that started this legal hassle:

“Does the First Amendment give Mrs. the right to write the words she wrote in this article on December 18, 2018? Would anyone be able to write such an article without going through hell in the United States?

Rottenburn later claimed that Depp would do everything in his power to destroy it [her] Life, destruction [her] Career, “added:

“Just because people read the article and remember that Amber Hard was married to Johnny Depp and he accused her of abusing him, doesn’t mean he designed and intended defamatory influence in writing about himself.”

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After noticing sexual harassment claims, the actor reads several texts sent to friends Paul Betany And the staff, which included death threats, sexual violence and “global humiliation” against Hard, also played a video of the actor breaking down a closed kitchen cabinet while hitting his partner, calling it “abuse” even though it was not physically revealed to his client. In the body. He argued:

“That’s the real Johnny Depp.”

She emphasized that if Amber had specifically written about the alleged abuse at the hands of her ex-husband, “this would be a very different article,” he continued:

“Any damage to Mr. Depp’s career is self-inflicted.”

That’s great! Hear more from Rottenborn (below).

Lots to unpack …

Interestingly, the judge said Penny Azcaret The jury was told that their names would be sealed for one year because of the “high profile nature” of the trial. So it proves how much things have increased in the last six weeks because he has not given such a verdict before. Now, it’s time to wait and see what the jury decides. But what about you, Perezcious reader? What do you do for a living?

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