Candy Burs was called upon by RHOA fans to pressure customers to wear it

Kandi Baras After a vibrant underwear stunt is turned on, it is heating up online The real housewife of Atlanta Both were panned almost universally by cast members And Visitors!

The Bravo Tried to have a little fun in the star’s latest episode RHOA Introducing her co-stars in vibrant underwear and encouraging them to wear sexy products while out on the show. However, the presentation came just before the cast Thoughts of a colorful man – a Broadway The play follows the lives of seven black men living in Brooklyn.

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Something RHOA Customers were ready for a fun challenge, but others – significantly Marlow Hampton And Kenya Moore – Decided not to participate in sexual situations In a confessional clip, Moore, 51, expressed disbelief at Baras’ offer, after both women rejected Kandy’s advice to wear vibrant underwear in a larger group environment (and while watching a strong game).

“I’m not going to wear vibrating panties around other people’s men. My trip is closed for business on this trip. ”

All right then!

Later that night, after a fellow cast member Sherry Whitfield Informs Moore that will work for any of the respective remotes Any Vibrating panties, Kenya also took up the subject with that part of the technical excitement!

In a second confessional clip, Moore cites an iconic erotic psychological thriller from the late 90’s and criticizes the suggestion:

“Never!” Ice wide shot Suddenly? Did I miss the part where they put the mask on the door? “


Kenya is not the only country that has not resisted the offer of lingerie. Across TwitterFans flocked to discuss Kandy’s controversial gift, with many arguing that it was the wrong thing – in the wrong place and at the right time – and crashed! Especially women were present at the event considering some of the partners!

Here are some reactions to the vibrant underwear drama (below):

“I still don’t understand why Kandi wants to see a play about trauma of black men in women wearing vibrant panties.”

“Did Kandi want the girls wearing her trembling panties in her showcase? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

“I think Kandir’s people should be respectful when they tell him that instead of being ashamed of sex, he is ashamed of not being as open as he is. Whenever someone expresses their discomfort, the ‘you need to play something’ contradicts the boundary hunter. “

“It simply came to our notice then. What if someone has an orgasm and leans into Todd’s ear and cries? Isn’t that weird to you?

“It would have been fun if they had played together. Twitter is taking it out of the ordinary. “

“Kandi, it was inappropriate. They are all married men there. You’re giving your husband another woman’s visual. Trust me, yours [sic] Setting up your marriage for failure. “

“She really should respect the other person’s boundaries, even when she doesn’t understand / disagree with them. The ‘no judgment’ zone around sex goes in both directions.”

Damn it! Definitely this one takes a lot!

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On Sunday night, Kandi took a stand in his favor in a controversial situation. Defending her use of controversial under-garments, the 46-year-old star suggested that her gag gift was nothing more than fun:

Hmmm … do you agree with his side here, Perezius reader ??

Or did he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do ?!

Close the word with your thoughts in the comments (below) …

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