Captive Casey White was actually murdered by the boyfriend guard who helped her

Search for a fugitive Alabama prisoner Casey White Monday ended in Evansville, Indiana, without police or U.S. marshals firing. However, a shot was fired – and it killed the correctional officer Vicky White (No relationship).

The assistant director of correction helped the murder suspect escape from Lauderdale County Jail late last month, when a romantic relationship developed between the two.

But when police arrest the couple to avoid arrest, the 25-year-old law enforcement man shoots himself in the head, eventually dying a few hours after his injury… but what if it doesn’t ??

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Apparently the officers did not actually witness the self-inflicted gunshots. In the audio of a police call, Vicky told first responders that he held a gun with his finger on the trigger. And after hearing the shots, they come running – and Casey tells them:

“Help my wife, she shot herself.”

Sorry, her Wife?? Did they really get married in this 11 day Odyssey ?? We’re sure we’ll learn more about this later …

The more pertinent question right now is … who actually shot Vicky?

His former boss, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick SingletonHe told reporters he wouldn’t be surprised if Casey actually fired the gun, then tried to cover it up as a suicide.

To understand why such suspicions are automatically created over the escaped prisoner, you need to know the story of Casey’s late girlfriend.

Christy Shelton Cassie’s mother was found dead in a trailer in 2008. His death was also ruled suicide – a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The only witness, however, was Casey himself, who was in the trailer with her. Christie’s family has long demanded that a mother of three commit suicide and not abandon her children. Their idea is to kill him.

As his cousin, Laurie BooneSaid The sun, It is “quite a coincidence” that his new girlfriend died in the same way: an apparent suicide when he was alone with her. He said:

“I do not know what to think at this moment. I was stunned because there was no limit to what he could do. We don’t know for sure if he did it, but I have no doubt he did it anyway. He’s just wicked. “

Lori sang:

“It amazes me that even if he doesn’t pull the trigger, doesn’t he force them to do it? Obviously he has some kind of control over women or anything else that he can control them. But for two women to commit suicide in front of him is very strange.” And that seems to be a pattern. “

He certainly had some hold on Vicky. He is thought to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him following Mr Jiang’s intervention. He even applied for retirement and sold his home a month before he ran away – probably to finance a flight from Justice.

Was he so guilty that he took his own life? Or is this case being released from a witness? Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave’s wedding Said Today Show:

“The coroner’s office will conduct an investigation and determine if it was a self-inflicted gunshot, but we will not deny anything until we have a thorough investigation by the coroner.”

Vicky’s autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday. Perhaps this will give us more answers. Christie Shelton’s death may be re-investigated. Or maybe no one knows what happened to Casey White alone in that room.

We just hope no woman will be alone with him after this.

[Image via Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office/Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office.]

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