Cardi’s Got Talent – Shows How She Changes Diapers With Her Wild Long Nails!

Cardi b There are drops of advice for all mommas!

Took the rapper Twitter On Tuesday she shared how she changed diapers with her long ass nails to help a fellow musician! When the new mother Cough dolls The 29-year-old asked how she took care of her two children, Culture3, and Waves, 8 months, with her stylish claws, the actor decided to share a full video of her performance using a teddy bear! Amazing!

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In the clip, OffsetHer baby was seen wearing long stiletto-shaped red nails when she opened the stuffed animal’s vanity to reveal a diaper. He then wiped Butt’s cheeks and “cracks” using a mop. Her daughter looks around at the moment Super Suspicious of what was happening, he asked:

“Mom … why are you cleaning your ass?”

Cardi just laughed and said,

“It’s a long story.”

LOLz! When finished, WAP The vocalist slipped on a new diaper, clipped on Wansy (his favorite part), and put a pair of pants on Teddy! He then reflected:

“I don’t know if it’s because I have two kids so I could probably do it a little faster. Probably because I’ve been wearing nails since I was 10 years old.”

Watch the ch-ch-iconic parenting video (below)!

Who knew Cardi B would come up with parenting advice ?! Cough Doll was thrilled to see the example and responded:

“Okay I’ll be back in a week and let you know how it goes !!! Hi thank you girl

We hope it works! Feedback, fan reader?

[Image via Cardi B/Instagram/Twitter]

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