Carlin Bates Stewart is in the hospital quickly; Husband please fans “Pray !!”

Carlin Bates was taken to a hospital in Nashville on Saturday night.

And while we’re still waiting for more details on what happened to the reality star, to go with an update on how he’s doing at the moment, we have to admit unfortunately:

That sounds pretty serious.

Carlin and Evan at the hospital

“Tonight Carlin had a really bad episode and she was taken by ambulance to Nashville Hospital,” husband Evan Stewart wrote on Instagram, captioning a photo of his wife.

As you can see below, Evan also asked people to “please pray” when adding:

“I came back with her a while ago. She’s fine. But we really want your prayers in hopes of finding the answer. Thank you!”

There have been no specific updates about Carlin since this post.

Carlin Bates hospitalized

But just five days earlier, Carlin had explained to social media followers why she was often late for medical care.

“A little update: I was inside and outside the hospital last week trying to understand why I was being passed and have symptoms like convulsions,” he wrote last week.

“Physicians have performed multiple tests and have not been able to diagnose the problem, but we have been able to rule out many scary things.

“I’m very grateful for the people around me who have helped me, but most of all for God’s protection so far. I’ve been wearing a heart monitor that has been able to record these episodes, and I’m going to have an appointment with a neurologist.”

Carlin Insta

At the time, Carlin concluded:

“Thank you to everyone who prayed for me and sent me a message to share your personal experience which is so helpful.”

On Sunday, meanwhile, Whitney Bates – who is married to Carlin’s older brother, Jack – wrote on Instagram about her brother-in-law, telling fans:

“We keep in touch with him almost every day, checking in to make sure he is OK.

“We are just constantly praying for her health and praying that God has a protective hand because they are trying to find the answer!”

Carlin Hospital

Whitney also asked the public to speak to Man Above in honor of his loved one:

“She’s hanging out there and being a complete trooper and has the best husbands and support arrangements.

“Please keep him in your prayers and I know he appreciates each of them!”

Carlin and Evan welcome their second child, a boy named Jade, on 28 March. They are the parents of a two-year-old girl named Laila.

Carlin at the dock

The official Bates Family social media account did not post any updates on Carlin’s recovery.

However, the reality star and 19’s parents left a comment on Carlin Original Post about her health before she is admitted to this latest hospital.

“I know it’s very frustrating and so scary, but we’re all here for you!” They wrote then.

“We will continue to pray and search until we find out what we can do to stop the convulsions and fainting!

“We love you so much! You’re a soldier! You had the best attitude through all of this.”

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