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Couple caught breaking jail! You can’t believe how the chase ended!

Couple caught breaking jail! You can’t believe how the chase ended!

Update 7:00 PM PST: Vicky White is dead.

The former corps officer, who helped murder suspect Casey White escape after he began a romantic relationship with her, was wounded in a self-inflicted gunshot wound as police and U.S. marshals approached.

We now know that the gunshots were in the head. He was rushed to Decones Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at the scene. Vanderburgh Coroner Steve Lockyer He told reporters:

The Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Office, the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Marshal’s Service are investigating the death of Vicky White, a fugitive from Alabama.

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

The hunt is over. Whites have been caught.

If you haven’t heard, Casey White, A prisoner in Lauderdale County Jail, Florence, Alabama, has been on the run for more than a week – after a correctional officer helped him escape! Assistant Director of Correction Vicky White (No relationship) Lauderdale has been with the County Sheriff’s Office for 25 years, but this big, Nazi-tattoo-sports murder suspect did it for him. Because she broke out and broke her ass!

On Friday, April 29, Vicky was apparently not questioned when she claimed she was taking Casey to a mental health hearing – but apparently there was none. The two have disappeared, and have been pursuing law enforcement ever since. This was particularly frightening for both the general public and Vicky as the 38-year-old prisoner’s latest allegation was that he confessed to stabbing a 58-year-old woman to death after she was killed.

Buss, now the two are finally back in custody.

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Lauderdale County Sheriff said at a news conference Monday afternoon Rick Singleton He explained that there was a tip from the public on Sunday night that the couple was staying at a hotel in Evansville, Indiana. When the police entered, the car was chased. The white man’s car was wrecked, and he was taken into custody without police firing.

Wow, really? We guess when it came to one of their own, they figured out how to get caught without firing a hundred rounds through the door.

However, Vicky was shot. He was apparently detained with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It was not immediately clear when or why he shot himself, but the local Vanderburgh County Sheriff said. Dave’s wedding He is in the hospital, and his injuries are “very serious.” Sheriff Singleton added:

“I hope he survives. He has some answers for us and hopefully we will have a chance to get those answers. “

Hopefully he will recover and be able to face criminal trial for his part to escape. He is considered a mastermind, as Sheriff Singleton explained that most escapes are spontaneous, as prisoners see an opportunity and go for it. It was planned – and took out preparatory work:

“This escape was clearly planned and calculated. A lot of preparations have been made for this. They had a lot of resources, they had the cash, they had the vehicles, they had everything they needed to get it off, and that’s what made the last week and a half so challenging. We started at Ground Zero, and not only that, we started – they started a six-hour head start on us. “

It is believed that whites – who are not related again – formed a romantic relationship while in prison. The day of the escape was the last day of his job after applying for retirement. He sold his home a month ago, probably for cash on the street.

Obviously that scenario is unlikely to repeat itself, but Singleton added that additional precautions will be taken:

“She is OK. He will be handcuffed and shackled while in that room and if he wants to sue me for violating his civil rights, so be it. He is no longer getting out of this prison. I will assure you. “

What do you think about this caper, perezcious sleuths resolution ??

[Image via Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office.]

Tori Rolf describes the horrific labor, saying the postpartum recovery is “so intense”.

Tori Rolf describes the horrific labor, saying the postpartum recovery is “so intense”.

Tori Rolf is not just a real star.

He is one of them Puts It’s real

The Little People, the Big World star, was as open and candid as anyone on the small screen when interacting with her fans and followers … providing another example of this honesty on Sunday.

Tori Rolf on Mother's Day

Just a week ago, Tory and her husband, Jack Rolf, welcomed their third child, a son named Josiah.

“You came early and surprised us all, but at the same time the wait seemed like a lifetime! The best birthday present of all time.”

Since this happy arrival, Rolf has shared many valuable photos of his second son – some by himself, some with his older brother and sister and some with his proud parents.

“I just don’t want to miss a second,” Tory wrote as a caption to this newborn’s snapshot.

Josiah Luke Rolf

It sounds like Tory is doing very well, isn’t it?

The thing is, looks and sounds can be deceptive. Especially on social media.

“I got a lot of messages about how fast I got back,” Tori wrote on Mother’s Day via her Instagram story, emphasizing what we wrote above and adding:

“I’m all about keeping it real. You can see the best moments on Instagram. You will see when we are feeling our best. “

Zach and Tory Rolf and son

Continuing mother of three:

“It simply came to our notice then. The hospital was a real nightmare (not because of the hospital, it just happened) and I’m grateful for all the help we got. “

Rolf added that he had been warned about “how difficult C # 3” was, noting that he had “not remembered such pain” from his past birth experiences.

Scary, scary thing.

Rolf baby

“My pain at home the first night was so bad that we called 911. Luckily I was able to track it down with medication later,” explained the popular TLC personality.

Tori continued her message on her next Instagram story slide, revealing that she was “finally back with it and feeling better.”

Veteran Little People, a member of the Big World cast, said retrieving “was not easy” and urged his social media followers not to “compare themselves to Instagram”.

This is the perfect advice for anyone in any situation.

Long Tori post

“Thanks Josiah is the real easiest baby. He was very calm and calm with what we did last week, ”Rolf concluded. “The Lord knows what you need. Always. “

Earlier on Mother’s Day, Tori posted multiple pictures of her children.

“Thank you for making me a mother,” she wrote at the time.

“A perfect morning to drive with a sip of coffee and enjoy the extra cast weather instead of the rain. To all past present and future mothers: Happy Mother’s Day.”

Josiah Rolf

Tory and Zach welcome young Josiah on April 30, more than a year after the couple’s six-week abortion.

They shared the exciting news on Instagram last week, adding that their son was born at 9.02am, weighing 7 pounds. Measuring 6 oz and 196 inches long.

“Welcome to the world, sweet Josiah Luke!” The parents posted a video of their newborn sleeping on Instagram as well.

Tory & Sons

Following this exciting news, Tory published the exact opposite kind of news about 14 months ago, telling the public that he had lost a daughter and opening his mouth about the tragedy on social media.

“We were very excited when we found out we were expecting the # 3 child, and we couldn’t wait to share,” Rolf wrote in part.

“We went for our first ultrasound at 8 weeks and found out we had lost our sweet baby two weeks ago.

“Honestly, I did not feel the same loss as in that moment. I did not feel so much sadness, anger and fear in one moment.

“I had no signs of losing [our] Nothing could prepare me when I heard that the sweet angel baby and our sweet baby were gone. “

The missing person has been brutally murdered – probably after winning the 1 million lottery

The missing person has been brutally murdered – probably after winning the 1 million lottery

A missing 25-year-old man was found dead in South Philadelphia late last week and now, police are trying to determine if his tragic death was related to a possible seven-digit lottery win.

Francis Disero A group of children were found in a set of bushes in a southern part of Pennsylvania last Wednesday. Upon investigation, police quickly determined that the poor young man had been shot, stabbed, and burned before being thrown into the area. Immediately, police began investigating the murder.

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Officials believe he was tortured before his death, considering the apparent injuries to his body during his discovery. This horrific outcome came about a week after Disero was disappeared by loved ones on 26 April.

Now, police are wondering if the man could possibly be the winner of the recent 1 million lottery prize – and whether it could lead directly to its dire consequences. Apparently, someone named “Francis D” won 1 million in one Extremely green Scratch-off tickets Last month. The Philadelphia PD is working to “coordinate with lottery officials” on the matter.

According to Fox 29 PhiladelphiaPhilly PD Captain Jason Smith He told local media that the department has not yet found evidence that DeSero is the same “Francis de” who won the award. Still, police are concerned about the case, as no clues have been found as to who might have killed the popular youth. Probably the best information, according to the news outlet, was a Philly street surveillance video last month. In the clip, Disero is seen parking his car Jeep And get into another car, which then drives.

Disero’s family is hoping for justice. Father of the deceased Lu DeseroGo bird CBS News Philadelphia About the case:

“I just hope they find out who did it, that’s what I want to know. Everyone loved that boy. ”

The grieving father added:

“I need to know who did it, there was no reason. I don’t know who it will be [have] It’s done, I hope they find him. “

Very sad.

No arrests have been made yet. For now, the police are continuing to investigate the lead, and hopefully members of the public will come forward if they have any insights into Disero’s death.

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There is more to this tragic case here, than Fox 29 Philadelphia (Below):

We extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of D’Souro at this critical time.


[Image via Fox 29 Philadelphia/YouTube/Facebook]

Becky Stern, David Kraner and a City Scanner vs. The Aura Ring

Becky Stern, David Kraner and a City Scanner vs. The Aura Ring

If you’re wondering how to fit a fitness tracker into a ring, well, you’re not alone. [Becky Stern] CT sent someone to scan, went into it with a rotating tool, and then he made a video about it. [David Cranor]. (Video is embedded below.)

While it’s great that you can tear down something these days without tearing it down – thanks to CT scans – most of the analysis is done in a cut-up version of the thing through a simple stereo microscope. Still, the ability to flip the thing over in a 3D CT scan is excellent.

We totally agree [Becky] And [David] It’s amazing how much was fitted in very few places. Somewhere along the way, [David] The electrical, mechanical and software design teams have certainly worked hard together to close this project and it shows. After all, there’s a nice running dialogue about how you know what you’re looking at when tearing up a new device, and it’s good to look at their shoulders.

Then where are the bits [Becky] A lithium-ion battery pack shows you what it looks like when cut in half. He said it was already mostly leaking and he did not explode in the fire. But get there easily! (Also, make sure you take your hot xylene outdoors.)

X-ray machines are definitely the greatest thing when doing a teardown. We’ve seen them use everything from fixing multimeters to servo motors.

What does Windows 11 bring to the table?

What does Windows 11 bring to the table?

The other day, my dad – while passing my bellows for technology – mentioned that he had read online that Windows 11 should not be used and that the operating system was not being adopted.

Dad had a word. He is now an Apple user – I put him on my phone plan to support his technical needs, he uses an iPhone and has an iPad. As its needs have changed, so has its reliance on Windows devices. In fact, his current Windows needs include applications that are not on the Apple platform. (And since he is a standalone user, not a domain user, much of Windows 11’s progress will not be available to him with authentication.)

“ComputerWorld” recently noted that Windows 11’s UpTech is running slowly, running at only 1.44% of all systems. This is similar to what I see at home and in my office. At home I have a single computer, a Surface Pro 7 that can run Windows 11 In the office, I only have two computers that support Windows 11

In fact many users Can’t Run Windows 11. If you are, and are interested in why you can’t run Windows 11, you can download the ByteJins tool to find out exactly why. For example, the laptop I use has a trusted platform module that will support Windows 11. But its processor does not support Virtualization based security (VBS)

Windows 11 confirms that VBS is enabled by default to support hypervisor-enforced code integrity. While you may argue that this protection may not be required on a standalone workstation, the enterprise will want to make sure that it is enabled. (This is not a new technology, but the order is new.)

Windows Defender Credential Guard requires VBS, which protects domain certificates over a network. As mentioned: “Credential Guard is a virtualization-based isolation technology for LSASS that prevents attackers from stealing credentials that can be used to pass a hash attack. আপ After compromising with a system, attackers often try to extract any stored credentials for further lateral movement through the network. A major goal is the LSASS process, which stores NTLM and Kerberos certificates. Credential Guard prevents attackers from dumping certificates stored in LSASS by running LSASS in a virtualized container that even a user with system privileges cannot access. The system then creates a proxy mechanism called LSAIso (LSA Isolated) to communicate with the virtualized LSASS process.

Although it already works on Windows 10, Windows 11 builds on this protection. Sounds great for business, doesn’t it? But there is a problem: many users are not properly licensed to improve the security of Windows 11. The key is Windows Defender Credential Guard – you need an enterprise license to use it. So while it provides a lot of protection for your user or login privacy, it is not available to many users. In future versions of Windows 11, Credential Guard will be enabled by default, but again, only for enterprise customers.

Another new technology I’m excited about is smart application control, although I have some concerns about it. Smart app control, as Microsoft explains, “prevents users from running malicious applications on Windows devices that block the default, unsigned or unsigned applications. In addition to using code signing, our new Smart App Controls allow only processes that are predicted to be secure based on an AI model for either a code certificate or an application trust in Microsoft Cloud.

“Model estimates 24 hours latest threat occurs on intelligence which provides trillion signals. When running a new application in Windows 11, only known secure applications are allowed to run. Check its signature and key features against this model. This means that Windows 11 users can be confident that they are using only secure and reliable applications on their new Windows device. Smart app control will be sent to the new device with Windows 11 installed on it. You need to have a clean installation of Windows 11 to get it. “

I still regularly install software that is unsigned. So I already know that smart application control won’t work for me in the office or at home because I can’t run the software using a “whitelist” method. I’m not even sure what licensing will be required. Will it be available to everyone? Will it be an enterprise-only feature?

Bottom line: Windows 11 will be great for enterprises if you have the right license to take advantage of these features. But I’m not sure it gives you a great advantage at home. If you’re worried that your old hardware won’t run Windows 11, don’t do it. Windows 11 is the next version of Windows and doesn’t really bring much security to the average user. That’s why my dad will continue to use Windows 10 for now and don’t worry about Windows 11.

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