Celebration? Johnny Depp rocks out during a surprise concert a few days after the defamation

Johnny Depp Doesn’t seem to be too worried about the jury’s decision. Should an actor be called a rock star instead of waiting at home for a verdict in a defamation suit? – has been seen performing during an amazing presence Jeff BeckSunday concert!

Now that the trial has been deliberately handed over to the jury Caribbean pirates The star clearly decided that she could not take anything else from Fairfax, Virginia so she went to Sheffield, England and surprised the concert attendees at her friend Jeff’s show!

In a video posted by a participant on Sunday, Depp is seen on stage with a guitar to serve her and Beck’s 2020 single. To separate. A kind of satirical title considering the situation! After all, after his ex-wife released an op-ed he is fighting to regain his fame and life. The Washington Post About being a victim of domestic violence (part of which he thinks he continued to be an abuser even though he did not want to be named). In other words, to deprive him of life that he once knew!

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Not surprisingly (considering Johnny’s loyal supporters during the trial), the crowd went wild when he took to the stage. According to The Hollywood Reporter (And more videos of the event), he stuck around for a cover Marvin GayOf What’s going on And HendrixOf Small wings. Ch-ch- Check out some clips from his Rock Star moments (below)!


We have to admit, I was surprised to see him on that stage in so much controversy! But perhaps after a tight six-week trial, he needed a little pick-me-up ?! If you didn’t know, Johnny testified that he always wanted to be a musician – that’s why he came to Hollywood first! In 2015, he formed the band Hollywood vampires With Alice Cooper And Joe Perry. They play regularly Rainbow bar and grill On the sunset strip. So now he is taking the dream to a bigger level! And in the light of justice? Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!

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There are rumors that the 58-year-old legend may return to the venue on Monday night Royal Albert Hall In London, however, he will probably return to the States. The jury will continue deliberations on Tuesday, and if they reach a verdict, we have no doubt Fantastic Beasts Alum would like to hear it personally, considering trying to attend another hearing every time since the fire trial began.

Interestingly, the 58-year-old’s performance after the trial was not just for relaxation. It also appears that shortly after Friday’s closing argument, he lost his hair in a light shadow. So give a spa a weekend and a bucket list performance? Johnny is really trying to get back to his normal life!

But do you think it’s worth considering that his legal debate is not over yet ?! Is it okay for him to go on stage when a jury has not yet decided the outcome of his trial? Sound off (below)!

[Image via Jeff Beck/LiveNOW from Fox/YouTube]

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