Celebrities react after Texas school shooting kills at least 16 children –

Update 5:00 PM PST: The death toll now stands at 18 children and 3 adults, according to Texas Senator Roland Gutierrez.


“We can’t be numb to that.” “It doesn’t have to be inevitable.”

At least 14 children and a teacher were killed at an elementary school in Uvalade, Texas, after a gunman allegedly opened fire inside a classroom on Tuesday afternoon.

Governor of Texas Greg Abbott National media outlets were told on Tuesday that an 18-year-old student from a local high school had been identified Salvador Ramos Accused of killing his grandmother at his home, approached Rob Primary School In the small West Texas town, and shot in a classroom.

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Now, as investigators try to reconcile the timeline of the incident, police officials have revealed to the media that at least 14 schoolchildren – including a teacher – allegedly second, third and fourth graders – are dead. Governor Abbott reported that Ramos also died, apparently after being killed by officers in response to a horrific massacre.

MySa. It was reported on Tuesday afternoon that at least 13 children had been taken nearby Uvalade Memorial Hospital Ambulance and school bus, as well. It was not immediately clear how many transported children were among the dead, although the medical center confirmed to the outlet that “two dead bodies have arrived at the hospital.”

Other apparent victims of the tragic shooting have been airlifted to other large community hospitals across the state of Texas. University health systemIn the city of San Antonio, they announced Tuesday afternoon that they had found two victims of the shooting – a 10-year-old girl and a 66-year-old woman – both in “critical condition.”

Hospital Share On Facebook:

“We got two patients from the shooting at Rob Elementary School in Uvalade. One patient is a 66-year-old woman. Another patient is a 10-year-old girl. The condition of both the patients is critical. Our hearts are breaking for the people affected by this senseless tragedy. Our thoughts are with the patients, the families, the students, the teachers and the people in this community. “

We pray they both get over it.

Per TMZThis Thursday was supposed to be the last day of school for the students Uvalde Combined Independent School District. Rob Elementary has a population of about 500 students.

Immediately, Texas and nationally accepted politicians Twitter To condemn the horrific incidents of violence. Julian Castro, Ted CruzAnd Hillary Clinton Among the lawmakers who have spoken out about the terrible school tragedy:

Very sad.

Celebrities, too, are already reacting to horrific, horrific events.

From Chris Evans Per LeBron JamesAnd Meghan McCain Per Rachel LindsayCelebrities from all walks of life mourned the horrific, unimaginable event in tweets throughout Tuesday evening:

US Senator Chris Murphy He went viral on Tuesday afternoon as he took to the stage in DC, urging fellow lawmakers to do something about reversing the decades-long unhealthy trend of school shootings in the United States:

That’s great.

Here is the latest information on the terrible tragedy KHOU 11 News (Below):

Our hearts are broken for the young victims of this sick, insensitive work.


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