Charlie Puth used to masturbate in Maroon 5! And he told Adam Levine!

Charlie Puth Don’t be shy! He’s getting absolutely dirty and telling the world what’s going on! However, after this confession, he should probably try to be a little more shy.

If you haven’t already come to the conclusion that Puth is very public about her – Ahem WillThen you probably haven’t seen him Tick ​​tock Accounts that are full to the brim with invendo and advisory elements. He does not hesitate to post risky pictures from time to time Instagram, Yes! The guy is horny, and he doesn’t care who knows!

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Take 30 years old Noise His only sexuality is to tell the world on Tuesday that his passion is bigger than his music! And he actually wants his music to take you further! He explained in a new interview:

“It’s a really weird sentence, but if you just take my musical instruments, I want people to be turned on by almost frequency.”

How do you feel Turn on like a light switch Still? Well, apparently not a musician – he can’t even Pick it up When listening to music. He acknowledges a surprising twist of events:

“I’ll analyze the music playing in the background and I’ll start to see the music notes in my head and I can’t be harder.”

That’s right, he can’t even get a full staff if he listens to music! All work and no play, Charlie?

That’s not all Attention The singer easily offers to the public, either. In a completely unpleasant statement, he acknowledged:

“The first song I heard was Raja This love By Maroon 5. “

Um … okay, wait? He is not just admitting that he masturbated Maroon 5He says it’s “the first song” – meaning it was a regular thing for him!

Can anyone else out there beat Jacking and Jilling their favorite? What are we missing ?? LOLz!

We assume that if you are going to do this, This love An intelligent choice. Adam Levine Didn’t win PeopleIts the sexist man Alive for Five, we guess! (Although this means that fans can give themselves pleasure Blake Shelton, And… no, thanks. No.)

More unprepared than that, however, was how Puth gave this information to that person himself! Who comes in front of Adam Levin and decides he should know about their deep night fantasies? Good We don’t talk anymore The singer clearly answered that question, because he said he did exactly that:

“I am now a good friend of Adam Levin. [I told him] And she was, ‘It’s really weird.’

We are with you, Adam! To the song? Not even the all-time hottie featured video Kelly Preston?! Just songs ?! It’s a feat in itself …

Don’t meet your heroes, folks! Or in this case, if you meet them, No. Tell them you’ve masturbated in one of their band’s many hits এটি it’s probably best if you keep that information to yourself. Maybe forever.

Have you ever delighted yourself with just one song? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Instagram/Charlie Puth/YouTube/The Voice Global]

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