Check out Jimmy Kimmel’s heartbreaking monologue about the Texas school shooting

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Jimmy Kimmel He broke down while giving a speech at a mass shooting on Wednesday night Rob Primary School Uvalade, Texas.

Talking to the audience without the camera Jimmy Kimmel Live The host became emotional when he spoke of the tragedy that killed 19 children and two adults this week, telling viewers:

“Once again, we mourn the loss of lives and children whose families have been destroyed. Our leaders on the right, in Congress and in Fox News and these other outlets, warn Americans not to politicize it. They criticize our President for talking about doing something to stop it immediately. Because they don’t want to talk about it because they know what they did and they know what they didn’t do. And they know it’s irresistible, so they’d rather sweep it under the rug. “

Kimmel noted that “a bipartisan bill has been passed in the House, it has been stuck in the Senate for more than a year now,” but noted that Congress “will not pass it because our cowardly leaders … [are] Listening to the NRA, they are listening to the people who write their checks who keep them in power. ”

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The comedian went on to note how other countries responded to the mass shootings, sharing:

“Twenty-six years ago, 17 children were killed in a school shooting in Scotland, and teachers and the government responded by enacting gun control laws, and no school has been shot in Scotland since. In 1996, a mass shooting killed 35 people in Australia. They passed the gun law. Not one of them since, this is the only country where this is happening. Firearms are now the number one cause of death for American children and adolescents. Number one. “

Kimmel ends her heartbreaking monologue by telling viewers to step into the voting booth. See his message in full (below).

Let’s stop sleeping, America.

[Image via ABC/ABC News]

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