Chris Brown congratulates Rihanna on giving birth – and Twitter is shutting down!

Is Chris Brown Serious here ?!

Shortly afterwards, the news spread Rihanna And A $ AP Rocky About a week ago, a young boy was greeted by a 33-year-old singer who seemed to want to wish his new parents well. He took it Instagram story Thursday afternoon to post the word “congratulations” with a prayer hand, a heart and a pregnant woman’s emoji.

Although Chris did not mention his former name, there is no doubt that the message was for RiRi:

Chris Brown congratulates Rihanna on giving birth - and Twitter is down!
(C) Chris Brown / Instagram

Rihanna and Chris dated between 2007 and 2013. Their relationship continued throughout the horrific torture incident, with the now-34-year-old’s fans then fearing for her life. Chris attacks ruthlessly Stay The singer was reportedly punched in the face and arm in a car during an argument in 2009, and even reportedly bitten. Riri had to be hospitalized with injuries to his face, and his man pleaded guilty to criminal assault.

This is not a beautiful history.

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So surprisingly, some people weren’t thrilled that Chris told IG something and accepted Twitter It responds. Check it out (below):

“Chris Brown is overwhelmingly congratulating Rihanna on IG’s top-level toxicity.”

“Chris Brown is not congratulating Rihanna haha”

“Chris Brown is a crazy man aggressively congratulating Rihanna for her story. Go to hell boy. Haha, are you still obsessed? “

“I really don’t want Chris Brown to say anything without congratulating Rihanna.”

“Chris Brown congratulates Shady F. Rihanna”


Surprisingly, however, there were some people who thought it was sweet he yelled at her:

“Chris Brown congratulates Rihanna and A $ ap everything”

“Did Chris Brown just congratulate Rihanna? She’s so sweet!”

“Ah Chris Brown congratulates Rihanna. It’s good to see. “

That’s great. Just now.

What do you think of Chris’ reaction to Rihanna and A $ AP’s birth news?

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