Chris Brown to Rihanna: Congratulations on being a mom! Do you still hate me

Earlier this week, fans were delighted with the glorious news that Rihanna had welcomed her first child.

Since the pop icon revealed her pregnancy in January, an army of her devoted supporters have been waiting for the big day to breathe and they can’t wait to get updates on RiRi’s new additions.

And in the meantime, they’re focusing on protecting the singer from a poisonous presence that has been lurking on the outskirts of his life for 13 years.

You probably know that singer Chris Brown brutally beat Rihanna during their relationship in 2009.

Rihanna, Chris

Surprisingly, Brown escaped from prison and still has some traces of his career as an entertainer.

You would think that after killing Rihanna almost at the happiest time of her life she would have the decency to maintain her distance from her ex.

Shortly after the news of the successful delivery was made public, Chris posted a pregnant woman’s emoji, a heart, a begging hand and a single word “congratulations” on his Instagram story.

Brown Post

Apparently, the short message was for Rihanna, and fans were outraged that Brown felt the need to explain himself at this point.

An insider close to the situation told Hollywood Life that Brown hoped to send his message to his ex without any unnecessary drama.

Clearly, he has failed in that endeavor.

Chris Brown in 2022

“Chris wanted to send his best wishes to Rihanna but he is not trying to do any drama for her with Rocky,” a source told the site.

“Posting it on his story is his way of reaching out but still respectful. He knows he’ll hear about it and he’s sure he’ll be happy because he’s telling her and the world that he’s sending nothing but good vibes,” the insider continued.

“And it’s true, Chris is really happy for her. There was a time when it was hard for Rihanna to handle having children with other men, but now that she’s grown up, all the luggage is behind her. Now, this is nothing but love and respect. “

Rihanna Pregnant Pictures

Sources add that Brown “can’t be happy for her,” considering how she knows Rihanna has always wanted kids.

“Being a parent is the biggest gift Chris knows, and he knows Rihanna will feel the same way,” the insider revealed.

“She didn’t feel comfortable texting him, so she thought it would be appropriate to congratulate her and Rocky on social media. She’s not trying to keep her toes but is really happy for her and just wants to send her best.”

Chris Brown in 2021

Chris has three children with three different women, with Royalty Brown, Nia Guzman, as well as a son, Iko, with Ammika Harris, and a daughter, Lovely, with Diamond Brown.

Rihanna is rumored to be engaged to A $ AP Rocky, the rapper who gave birth to her child.

Whatever happens between the two, we are sure that Rihanna is grateful that Chris is no longer a major part of her life.

And that she was saved from that tragic situation by not having to deal with losing a child permanently by staying together.

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