Chris Jenner wants a grand baby from Kendall: At least freeze your eggs!

Rarely can any of us relate to world-famous supermodel multimillionaires, but Kendall Jenner has an element. Millennium relativity What his siblings lack:

She has no children. He is the only one of Chris Jenner’s descendants to be childless.

In this week’s episode KardashiansWe’ve seen Chris aim to change that.

If Kendall isn’t ready to pop out a marketable grandbaby, Mommagar Dearest wants Kendall to freeze her eggs.

There is news for Chris Jenner Kendall

In Season 1, Episode 7 KardashiansChris Jenner finds himself in an irresistible position – as a carrier of bad news.

Because he was contacted Enjoy Kim wanted the cover, not Kendall. It’s awkward as their mother and their manager.

But Kendall handled the news nicely. The awkward part came later.

Chris Jenner wants another grand baby

Chris suggested that perhaps it was time for Kendall to think of something else.

What, specifically?

Maybe giving Chris a grandbaby – since Kendall is the only one of his children who doesn’t.

Kendall Jenner is surprised

Kendall began to choke on her drink, because of all that her mother could bring, it was not her expectation.

She is very happy to have no children.

He is not only a working professional and a complete man himself, but he is only 26 years old – and he may have been only 25 when it was filmed.

Kendall Jenner is doing just fine

Kendall explained to the confessional camera that he was doing well.

She is making her own choices and finding herself.

Kendall isn’t dedicated to being childless forever – or, if she is, she’s not saying that. He’s not just a chase.

Kendall Jenner will make her own choice, thank you

While talking to Chris, Kendall reminded him that it was his life and his body.

If Chris had pushed more sincerely here (and made these comments off camera), it could have been a more serious incident for someone who needs boundaries.

After all, there are real people who think that their adult children “hate” their grandchildren in one way or another.

Kendall Jenner is enjoying her own life

Instead, Chris was being pressured sportily because they were filming, and you really shouldn’t be lagging behind on reality TV.

Kendall, meanwhile, told the camera that he had done more than satisfy himself to continue his life for now.

He was diplomatic enough to point out that Kylie’s falling out as a teenager was never part of the plan, otherwise he would not have been the only odd person.

Chris Jenner quotes a science data

Chris decides to drop what we call the egg fact.

She quotes Kendall as saying that when she was pregnant, Kendall’s eggs formed inside her – all before she was born.

That’s true. Although sperm are constantly produced in the testicles, the ovum is present from birth and is never produced – only released.

Kendall Jenner already knows

Kendall knew this beforehand.

Although most of us know this from getting “talk” at the age of five or growing up in a different biology class or health class, Kendall cites a different source.

TickTock, the algorithmic nightmare app, recently reminded him of this.

Kendall Jenner has just gained some insight

The way Chris told her this indicates to Kendall that Chris had seen the same tickling video.

Kendall was thrilled to gain this bit of insight into her mother’s social media habits.

This, of course, is when Chris chose to call the family doctor – because of Kendall’s objections – to get his input.

Chris Jenner called the doctor

“For Kendall, if she has a partner and they are not married, I usually recommend freezing at least one egg,” said Dr. He said that

“This would be a good time to freeze the eggs,” the doctor opined. “The younger you are, the better.”

While this may be true, laying eggs for extraction and freezing is not as easy as creating a sperm sample. It’s not a terrible idea, but … no hurry.

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