Christina Hack and Heather Ray Young are still controlling the damage after soccer

Christina Hack And Heather Ray Young Is Really After all the drama this week, try to present the united front!

Christina, Heather and their husbands after a heated argument over a child’s soccer game on Saturday Josh Hall And Tareq El MusaHas been through the wringer, respectively. But on Thursday, they all went overdrive and tried to prove that they had dealt with their co-parenting issues!

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Taking away InstagramThe Flipping 101 The star shared a picture of both the couple and her daughter Taylor, 11, whom he shares with his ex-wife Christina. They all came together to support the girl in her school’s open house. It comes just days after the exes became the youngest, Braden, 6, had an emergency appendectomy. Reflecting the importance of showing for his daughter, Tarek writes:

“It’s been a rough tiring week! Bray is starting to feel a little better so we made it to Taylor’s open house tonight. I am so proud of them both

The Sell ​​the sunset The star couldn’t help but share her thoughts in the evening, either, posting the same snapshot while singing on her feed:

“Sometimes we show the truth to stop the noise. Co-parent and do what is right It has been a rough week for all of us. Tea’s open room tonight, she’s the most beautiful. “

Internally, the Christina on the coast Lead shared more information on her page – and she let the slide show that this co-parent drama is long lasting. A lot Longer than we initially realized, it says:

“Co-parenting 101. The kids come first. Taylor’s open room. Then, she goes to middle school. Braden is recovering and we’re all grateful. It’s been a very rough few weeks, ready for some peace.

A few weeks ?!

No wonder they fight and get sick!

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As we reported, the couple got into an argument over the weekend after co-parenting issues hit boiling point. In the picture published online, The HGTV The star has even been seen pulling Heather from Christina to control the conflict! And later, men were literally nose-to-nose before a football coach split them up! Alas!

According to a And! News Sources say that the way Christina is a real estate agent is upset with the parents of her children. This made Young feel that she was not being valued for her role as an honest mother, especially considering that she was “doing a lot for the kids.” Interior dishes:

“Heather and Christina haven’t been together lately and there’s an overall tension between the two couples.”

Although the couple has shown considerable sympathy for each other since their visit to Braden Hospital, they have consistently emphasized that the past is behind them. They said in a joint statement at the outlet:

“A personal matter was discussed and then resolved. We focus on co-parenting as a team moving forward. “

But can they really get the price problem of the week so fast ?! Or do all these posts look like a big happy family to the public? For the kids, we hope they really figured things out! Think, fan reader?

[Image via Christina Haack/Heather Rae Young/Instagram]

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