Christina Hack praised Tarek El Musa, explaining the so-called soccer game spot

Several weeks have passed since Christina hacked.

At first, she married Josh Hall.

She was then injured in a lawsuit filed in court by her second husband, Ant Unstadt, who requested early custody of the ex-couple’s two-year-old son … and accused Christina of being an irresponsible mother in the process.

And most recently?

Christina and Tarek El Musa on HGTV

Braden, the six-year-old son of Hack and Tareq El Musa, was hospitalized for an appendectomy.

Just a day before the baby was to undergo the procedure, Christina Tarek’s second wife, Sailing Sunset star Heather Ray Young, was reportedly engaged in a heated exchange.

The collision occurred during a six-year-old boy’s soccer game – and before it could enter the hall after the fabric, a coach had to take steps to separate the men.

As we said: a lot is going on.

El Musas

To the credit of Christina and Tarek, they never said a crossword about each other in public.

The former flip or flop co-stars broke up in May 2016, just days after falling into an argument that Tarek went into the woods with a gun.

Although they have continued to be friendly co-parents of a boy and a girl for several years, they have continued anchoring the aforementioned HGTV series for several seasons, even after their divorce.

In an Instagram story posted May 9, meanwhile, Christina shared a picture of Braden’s smiling face at the hospital.

Christina El Musa and Tarek El Musa ... Together!

“24 hours is stressful but a good reminder of how important teamwork / co-parenting is,” he wrote. “We’re all under pressure but when it’s really important we were all there to play our part for Braden.

Hack did not directly mention the alleged soccer game between himself and Young and / or El Musa and Hall, but he did. Did Add:

“Sometimes a frightening situation can lead to a better awakening.

“After all, everything else is just ‘noise’, which is important for kids.”

Pictures of Christina and Tarek El Musa

Amen, isn’t it?

Although Christina has mostly kind things to say about her first husband, she has an understandable contempt for her second husband these days.

In the midst of seeking their child’s custody, Christina issued the following statement last week …

Christina El Musa, Boyfriend Pick

What the ants are doing makes me deeply sad.

If it’s really about Hudson, as he says, it should have been handled personally by a personal judge or arbitrator, as I and my attorney have suggested.

I have my ups and downs but I am a good mother and I love my children with all my heart and I will always protect them.

For him, Tarek will probably agree.

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