Christina Perry is pregnant again after a devastating pregnancy loss – see

The reason for this celebration!

Christina Perry She is expecting a baby girl after two years of suffering the consequences of a devastating pregnancy The musician took her to him Instagram With an absolutely gorgeous video showing her daughter’s moment on Monday, Carmela4, Good news! In the clip, a box with a pink balloon is sitting on Perry’s door. The little girl unwraps the box and takes pictures of the sonogram while her mother and father, Paul Constable, Sideline watch. In the background, Christina shouts:

“It’s in my stomach!”

Carmela then kisses the singer’s baby bump. Oops !!

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At the end of the tear-jerking moment, the 4-year-old even tells his mother:

“I love you, Mom!”

Adorable! Ch-ch- Check it out (below)!

Very beautiful!

In the caption of the post, the 35-year-old mentions her baby RosieWhom he lost almost two years ago, sharing:

Rosie sent a little sister to Carmella and we were very excited. We all have feelings, but mostly try everyday to choose pleasure

We know that fighting to welcome a new life into the world can certainly be complicated when they have already lost a short life, but we are glad that they are appreciating the joy of this new chapter. As Perezius readers will remember, the news of this pregnancy came after a heartbreaking loss in November 2020. At that point, Christina and Paul lost their daughter, Rosie, to serious pregnancy complications. They also had an abortion in January 2020.

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They have worked to overcome such grief Thousands of years The lyricist has released an emotional Lulabi album dedicated to her child Song for Rosie. Before dropping it, he highlighted the importance of news tracks, telling fans in ‘Village’ in October:

“My daughter, Rosie, was born silent on November 24, 2020. I was already planning to make this Lullaby album for her, as her older sister Carmella also has one! I think it’s still very important to do that. “

Regarding Rosie’s influence on all of them, he continued:

“Razi’s short and powerful life has already served such a great purpose in our world, and he has changed me, Paul and Carmella forever with love. We are more capable than love and compassion we knew we could be. “And how to navigate the unimaginable sorrow together and music always heals. It is very important for Rosie to publish these songs for our hearts.”

So, very sad, but we love how they continue to honor their late daughter. An album is a special way to keep his memory alive because he definitely had a strong influence on them. Now, we can’t be happy for the family because they are ready for the arrival of a new little girl! Congratulations!

[Image via Christina Perri/Instagram]

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