Christine Cavallari (type) J. Cutler has responded to the fraud scandal

During his 12-year NFL career, Jay Cutler was known as a casual passer.

Case in point: Quarterbacks have twice led the league in interceptions, giving the wrong team a total of 160 passes across stops in Denver, Chicago and Miami.

But these days?

Cutler is on fire for his seemingly erratic behavior when it goes wrong Women.

In 2019 Christine Cavallari and J. Cutler

As previously reported in The Hollywood Gossip, Cutler went on a recent vacation with her kids … and a friend, his friend’s wife and the couple’s children.

“Husband and Jay are good friends and neighbors,” an insider told Touch Weekly, before dropping the following bombs:

“Their kids are all friends. While they were on the trip, Jay was reuniting with his wife.”

The report claims that Cutler’s friend found out about the matter and “confronted” the retired signal caller.

J. Cutler on vacation

According to sources, Cutler and the unnamed woman were supposed to be “hooking up” for a long time, which is why Cutler’s friend was “annoyed”.

Which makes sense to us!

If we were this guy we would be upset too!

The former professional footballer has not yet commented on the scandal, but his treacherous friend has reached out to Jay’s famous ex-wife, Christine Cavalli, to inform him about Cutler’s misdeeds.

Casey and Jesse

“He just wants to keep himself out of all of this,” the tabloid wrote of Cavalli’s reaction.

Cavalry and Cutler share the children with Camden Jack, Cellar James and Jackson Watt.

After 10 years together, they announced their separation in April 2020.

In filing her divorce that month, Cavalliari accused her divorced husband of “inappropriate marital conduct that makes further intercourse unsafe and inappropriate” and cited “inconsistent differences” as the basis for their divorce.

In 2011 Christine Cavallari and J

Shortly after the shooting, Cutler was charged with treason, although the former couple issued a friendly statement at the time.

It reads as follows:

We have nothing but love and respect for each other and are deeply grateful for the years we share, the memories we create and the children we are proud of. This is just a situation where two people become separated.

We ask everyone to respect our privacy as we navigate this difficult time in our family.

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