Christine Quinn: I’m still selling Sunset! I will always be on television!

Just a few weeks ago, Christine Quinn announced that she would be leaving the Oppenheim group Sell ​​the sunset In the explosion

Apparently, while Netflix could not miss his role in the reality series, he is parting ways with everything to stuff crypto real estate.

Not so fast, apparently.

Christine says she’s going to be “absolutely” on television in general and will be appearing on Season 6 Sell ​​the sunset.

Christine Quinn is pregnant

Christine Quinn spoke to our weekly, confirming: “I love the show.”

He insisted: “The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes [and] Everyone knows that. “What are we?

“But we have to be creative now,” Christine claimed, “because I don’t work for the Oppenheim group.”

Christine Quinn in the Sunset episode

“It’s probably a war of brokers,” Christine claimed.

He dropped the hint that viewers could see a “really interesting dynamic” crop between him and all his former colleagues.

Christine insisted: “I’m not going anywhere.”

Christine Queen on Air

“Like, I’ll always be on television,” Christine vowed.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he said again. “That’s right, like, let’s have fun with it now.”

Christine insisted that there was no real rift between her and Jason Oppenheim.

Christine Quinn for MTV

During the Season 5 reunion, Jason hinted that the realty company really had no more room for him.

In contrast, Christine says that “we are in a really good place” nowadays.

Christine tried to smuggle a client for $ 5,000, but she has denied any wrongdoing.

Kristin Quinn sells sunset

“Bless their hearts for trying,” Christine said in denial. “But no, it didn’t happen at all.”

He recalled: “I watched the show and I was shocked. I was completely shocked.”

Still, he says he and Jason have smoothed things out.

Christine Quinn on Insta

“He just said, ‘You know, I was shutting down the information I was given,'” Christine recalled.

“And I said, ‘Well, if I were you you would call me,’ he said. ‘I hope you would tell me, you know you’re doing it.’

Christine continued: “And I would talk to you about anything and answer any questions for you.”

Christine Quinn on Instagram

Christine must have plugged in her cryptocurrency real estate project which she is doing with her husband.

For those on the Internet who see cryptocurrency as the environmentally destructive equivalent of Lululemon, it was already a kind of ridiculous project.

But after the recent collapse of the NFT market (finally!) And the accompanying crypto crash … it’s almost amazing that he’s not trying to get back into that effort.

Christine Quinn, husband

That said, if anyone wants to sell their home in exchange for the 2022 equivalent of 1998 Beanie Babies, it is logically their business.

(Up to a point – environmental catastrophe and the way some people have been tricked into gambling to save their lives is like everyone’s business)

Christine is apparently using her new business to “help” with such transactions. However, as he said, he will stay on the show.

Christine Quinn on a jet

Kristin’s departure from the show was in Town of the Town, so to speak, until Chrysal Stouse shared her love story with G. Flip.

The two have taken to the center stage, seemingly standing alternately Sell ​​the sunset Spotlight, for quite some time.

And while Christine is on the show, this will continue for the foreseeable future.

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