Coco Austin was slammed for wearing a thong bikini at a family water park – but what did he do?

Coco Austin It’s getting hot Instagram To wear a very revealing G-string bikini at a water park. And yes, she had a 6 year old daughter, Chanel AustinWith him – as well as many more children around.

But did Ice-tWife really does something wrong ?? Or are people getting too excited about something that is not such a big deal ?!

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The drama has been going on continuously for the last few days. Towards the end of last week, the 43-year-old posted multiple stunning photos Baha Bay Water Park In the Bahamas, where he and Ice are on vacation with their adorable six-year-old daughter

Coco shows lots of skin in snaps, covering all her sexy bits despite having such a young kid in a family-friendly locale. And wearing Chanel matching bikini! Although obviously much more has been covered.

See ch-ch-pictures (below):

And Coco didn’t make it there either!

A day later, he shared more revealing photos, jokingly saying that Ice had become his paparazzi photograph while he was melting around the park with Chanel:

Memories of such a cute and happy mother-daughter are being created!

But also… skimpy bikini… and g-string thong… they both definitely draw lots of eyes! And lots of feedback online too!

Some Instagram users immediately grabbed the family setting at the water park, taking Koko to the comments section to call for children to wear inappropriate clothing around (below):

“Your bathing suit is not suitable for a water park”

“So I have to ask, do you ever think that a G-string is inappropriate in a kid-friendly place? Just curious if ever

“Unsuitable for water park.”

“It’s annoying that you think wearing around children is acceptable.”

“Now Coco is a little more around all the kids …”

“When the girl is around your child wearing some clothes, SMH”

“You’re in a water park in front of so many kids wearing such clothes!”

The controversy quickly turned, however, as other users rushed to Coco’s defense! Some IG users mentioned that he was wearing a bathing suit in a water park (breathless!)! The drama was non-issue in their minds at all!

Here are some of their responses (below):

“She is wearing a bikini in the Bahamas. Why does she have to adjust her clothes because she has a baby? ”

“She’s in a two-piece, not naked.”

“I love the relationship. Its goals never let the haters down.”

“Two great models! Great job, Mom!”

“If you don’t like looking at her ass, don’t look. He is not hurting anyone. “

All right then! Lots of perspectives!

ButtFrom our POV, This The eclipse is probably the closest thing to the truth of the situation:

“All the fathers in this water area are deep down because they were so confused by your spell and didn’t pay attention to their kids.”

LOLz !!!

The FYI, Baha’i Water Park website has a dress code for guests, but it does contain it. No. Say G-string is not allowed. So it would seem that Coco did not break any rules by showing his short-sleeved curve.

Either way, Cocoa and Ice-T are far from overheating on social media for their parenting activities. Heck, this isn’t the first time they’ve been angry with IG this week !!! People must have many opinions about cocoa!

What about you, Perezius reader ??

Sound off with your take on this hot mom water park outfit in the comments (below)!

[Image via Coco Austin/Instagram]

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